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Jamie Bsales

Understanding the security threat printers pose and recommendations on how to mitigate vulnerabilities

Followers have heard us mention time and again the security threats that Internet-connected printers and MFPs can pose to a home or corporate network. This blog explores some of the solutions Keypoint Intelligence has found to combat these threats.



Randy Dazo

Add modules to coincide with your organization’s growth

Last year, the UVERCE™ product and development team spoke to several dealers to obtain feedback on the service as well as understand what these dealers would want in an e-commerce solution. This blog explores the many modules available for the UVERCE™ solution.



Lee Davis

There is a rich print ecosystem in them thar clouds

After almost one year in private and public preview, Microsoft Universal Print is now generally available. This blog explores the features of the company's cloud print management solution.



Andrew Unsworth

New feature increases safety for those returning to the office after lockdown

We recently posted a report on Epson Print Admin 3, the company’s entry-level print management solution. This blog explores some of the features related to its touchless system for MFPs and printers.



Carl Schell

President/CISO brings an IT focus to company’s managed office strategy

Even if its geographical footprint spans the southern United States, Novatech is very much a national company thanks in large part to Dave Moorman, President and Chief Information Security Officer.



Renée Clarke & Deborah Hawkins

Reacting to new work forms

Today, Canon Europe is announcing the i-SENSYS MF832Cdw and MAXIFY GX6050/GX7050 print devices to address the shifted focus from larger work groups dependent on high-volume centralized devices onto more productive, smaller to mid-size ones. This blog explores the features of these devices.



Eric Zimmerman

With the launch of the imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 series

Designed for high-volume printing of elevated image quality CAD drawings and posters, Canon’s 36-inch (914mm) imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 features new technologies for easy media handling, versatility, and the fastest print speeds of any imagePROGRAF to date. This blog explores the details of this release.



Christine Dunne

A more affordable alternative to hardcopy proofing

For Dan Caldwell, President of ICScolor, this year has been good for his business. This blog explores how remote working is helping ICScolor grow.



Kris Alvarez

Forecast of the impact of COVID-19 on print volume for small to large companies

March 11, 2021 marked the one-year anniversary of the WHO's official declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic, which continues to leave its mark on a global scale. This blog explores the recent data and provides an update to our data.



Randy Dazo

An e-commerce platform built for the office equipment industry

We are seeing a transformation on how next-gen buyers want to purchase business products over the Internet. This blog explores Keypoint Intelligence's latest offering: UVERCE™, an e-commerce platform for the office equipment industry.