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Jamie Bsales

On-Premises Servers, Devices, and Data Are Useless When No One Is There

Businesses are still far too reliant on the traditional on-premises architecture. While many companies have migrated some functions to the cloud, the COVID-19 pandemic saw plenty of IT folks scrambling to set up VPNs to allow remote access to critical applications and files that reside on-site.



Colin McMahon

Three Hows to Maximizing AR

Once the pandemic is done, the road to recovery from COVID-19 may be challenging for certain companies due to a variety of factors. These include retraining whatever workforce was lost, working to get productivity back up to normal levels, and communicating challenges across an array of different teams and environments.



Riley McNulty & Eric Zimmerman

Sign Shops and Commercial Printers Share Opinions

As the United States grapples with the impact of the coronavirus, most states have implemented strict social distancing guidelines and have shuttered large sections of their economies.



Christine Dunne

Business Closures, Recycling Delays Among Current Challenges

With the coronavirus crisis in full swing, the topic of sustainability may be a bit (or, let’s admit, a lot) less top of mind for organizations. That said, it is Earth Day, and the need to preserve our planet doesn’t just disappear with a health disaster.



Marc Mascara & Eve Padula

Consumer Preference Takes Center Stage in Today’s Uncertain Times

Data from our Annual State of Transactional Communications consumer surveys uncovered a 5% year-over-year drop in this share. It is also interesting to note that the share of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 who accessed their transactional communications electronically declined even faster than the other age groups.



John Shane

Analysis on 20 Vertical Markets Included

With mounting interest in understanding the future of our industry and the impact of COVID-19 on print volume, Keypoint Intelligence has updated our model to reflect changes we’ve seen since the original was released.



Colin McMahon

Is Coronavirus Triggering Industry 5.0?

The pandemic’s dramatic appearance has accelerated numerous trends while slowing others. So, with all this disruption, could it be possible that the coronavirus has caused a premature change in industry operation?



George Mikolay

Will More Countries Follow Suit?

The damage to society and economics from the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to be determined. Office hardware vendors experienced minimal impact from the China closures, thanks to a diversity in facilities used for manufacturing and an effective ramp-up.



Carl Schell

Service, the State of Print, Managed IT, and More

We’ve heard how COVID-19 has affected business from bliQ subscribers. We’ve heard from traditional A3 OEMs on the manufacturing impact, scanner vendors too.



German Sacristan

Estudios Durero Thinks with Its Heart

Most companies today are struggling, while others have found a way to adapt to the current environment—most likely, this will pave the way to future success.