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A Gathering Full of Analysis, Insight, and Good Times

Over a couple of days in mid-September, approximately 82 reps from 51 dealers were treated to a round of seminars and afforded ample time to converse with exhibitors, of which there were 49.



On the Importance of Security and the Cloud…

Security and the cloud. The cloud and security. No matter the order, they’re two of the hot topics du jour in the technology space. With managed IT, the argument could be made that they are the two hottest topics.



They’re Not Challenges, They’re Opportunities!

Hurdles, obstacles, roadblocks—all things that need to be overcome to reach the next level. So, in the spirit of that age-old question about big challenges, let’s put a managed IT spin on the topic!



To Acquire, to Build, to Partner?

It’s long been established that there are three methods for entering the managed IT space: acquire, build, partner. Each has its advantages and limitations, yes—what might be right for one dealer might not be right for the next.



Taking Care of Customers and Employees Helps Business Take Care of Itself

The company began life in 2004 as DOCUmation of Austin, had revenue of $38 million just five years later, and, after establishing seven startup offices throughout Texas, emerged from the pack as the largest dealer in The Lone Star State.



Companies Far and Wide Learn How to “Own the Office, Piece by Piece”

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” That’s from Franklin, Ben Franklin, and it’s clear that Marc Spring, President of Evolved Office and Founder of ITEX, understands this quote to a T.



When Expansion, Marketing, and Culture Collide

“We're always trying to stay ahead of our investments and growth, but the bottom line is that our goal every year is to outsell what Frank spends,” said Dan Meyer, Impact Networking’s President.



Thoughts on Acquisitions, Services, and More with David Ramos

Since Q4 2014, when the company bought Commonwealth Technology in Lexington, Kentucky, VET has been among the acquisition leaders in the industry. This year alone, the company is on pace to bring 20-plus businesses into its family.



A Conversation with Company CEO Darren Metz

Novatech, formerly NovaCopy, is today a burgeoning platform operation with a prime focus on acquiring dealers as well as other organizations that offer products and services relative to the document imaging space.



Helped Produce Segment for Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr.

Among the topics that were covered include an overview of 3D print, why this segment is a revolutionary business, and how it’s fueling growth and, well, innovation.