WATCH: Olaf Lorenz of Konica Minolta Europe Discusses Digital Transformation

Services leading to better business continuity among the key messages



Randy Dazo


Konica Minolta Europe has been evolving throughout the pandemic, with one of its big initiatives around digital transformation (DX). I had the pleasure of interviewing Olaf Lorenz, who is leading the product and commercial success of the company’s DX business.


As we know, COVID has forced customers and the channels to rethink priorities when it came to business continuity. At the same time, digital transformation is not an outcome of the global health crisis as businesses were already adopting these types of solutions. However, the pandemic has sped up the interest and adoption of a DX strategy because all customers had an immediate need for business continuity, with many adopting a hybrid workplace.


Olaf Lorenz, General Manager of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe’s
DX Branding Division


Our dialogue dug deeper into Konica Minolta’s Smart Workplace and managed IT initiatives that are helping transform its business from a manufacturer of peripherals to a true services organization. That said, as print remains a core part of Konica Minolta, we discussed other important areas of the company’s focus, such as its labels and packaging.


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