Looking at COVID-19 Visually, By the Numbers

Presenting Our Interactive Map of the Ongoing Pandemic



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As the cases of COVID-19 increase, it can be hard to keep track of all the numbers and the effects occurring in our communities. Through DOMO—the visual data analytics tool that we here at Keypoint Intelligence use— and the data John Hopkins University is aggregating from various sources, we have developed an easy-to-use and interactive map to help you follow the changes and understand the impact of the spread of the coronavirus. Refreshes to the map happen in near real-time as JHU updates its numbers.


Our COVID-19 map is here to help you make better sense of what is truly going on.


Click here to access the map. And don’t forget to bookmark it so you can come back on a daily basis. Because the numbers will change, and we will supplement the page with more data cards showing other statistics, such as business establishment demographics by vertical market and which vertical markets are most impacted by the coronavirus (schools, places of worship, retail, hospitality, and more).


Education is key to being prepared. Be prepared today.


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