Fall 2015 Open House Recap



Marlene Orr

Document Imaging Manufacturers Tour BLI's New Facility

Summer 2015 was a busy time for the BLI team, juggling testing of devices, selection of Picks and relocating to a larger U.S. facility. And now, as the leaves have shifted from bright green to golden, orange and red hues, our focus, too, has shifted. Now fully settled in our new location, we’ve opened our doors in a series of Open House presentations designed to give the executive, engineering and marketing teams from the leading printer, scanner and MFP manufacturers a deeper look inside our operations.

Because BLI testing is a collaborative process, it’s vital that the OEMs fully understand what we do. Separate groups from companies including Canon, Epson, Ricoh, Sharp, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Kyocera and Samsung have recently visited to tour the lab, learn about our services and provide feedback.

Pete Emory highlights some of BLI's test methods during a recent tour.

Pete Emory, director of BLI's Research & Lab Services for United States/Asia, explained the different types of testing services offered by BLI and provided a tour of our lab, covering the basics of how our team of experts puts each device through its paces. BLI’s lab testing is the most exhaustive in the document imaging industry, encompassing three to five weeks of durability testing, where devices are pushed to their limits to assess reliability. But we don’t stop there. Our evaluations delve deeper to assess each device’s performance, features and functionality in such key areas as usability, multitasking, image quality and productivity, just to name a few. Pete and his team also previewed some new scan tests in development that will add further value to our MFP test reports, while our product development team provided a sneak peek at some upcoming bliQ enhancements planned for roll-out in the coming months. Manufacturer feedback at these early stages help us to be sure we’re providing the industry with  the most up-to-date and relevant data points.

The BLI team wants to thank all who have taken time out of their busy schedules
to join us for a day of sharing their thoughts and feedback on our lab and services.

We know that the industry is continually evolving, so  to adapt with it, we regularly take the pulse of  key industry players and update our products and services accordingly. We’ll be hosting more open houses in the coming months and look forward to the continued participation from the leading manufacturers in the industry in other ways as well—including at future Testing Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings (the date of our next TAC meeting is to be determined soon). With their continued support and insight, we can develop enhanced products to better cover the document imaging industry and more fully serve our subscribers.