Personalized Video: Evaluating Consumer Demand from Around the Globe


Businesses that use personalized videos in their customer communications can achieve improved response rates as well as higher ROI. Personalized videos represent several key elements of an effective modern messaging campaign—the captivating nature of video attracts attention in an increasingly cluttered mix of messages, and 1-to-1 content rewards that attention with a more meaningful engagement.

Despite the strong potential of personalized video, enterprise adoption has been slow thus far. Widespread use has been hindered by a limited understanding of the consumer’s perspective, along with a lack of established best practices for incorporating this new tool into a customer communications strategy. The unrealized potential of personalized video calls for focused research and technological clarity.

This proposed consumer study aims to align the implementation and execution of personalized video campaigns with the expectations and preferences of those who will ultimately watch them. We also intend to provide roadmap planning input so technology vendors and solution providers can translate the revealed consumer expectations and preferences into functionalities and features of their personalized video offerings.