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2019 Solimar User Conference & Customer Advisory Council (CAC) Summit
May 01 2019
San Diego, CA

Come hear Pat McGrew during a keynote presentation May 1st at the 2019 Solimar User Conference & Customer Advisory Council (CAC) Summit. 

The three-day user conference will provide attendees with opportunities to to learn about the latest trends and technologies, best practices, Solimar’s roadmap and more. Participants can preview new and evolved Chemistry™ products and solutions plus hear about client success stories designed to increase attendees’ product knowledge. In the Technical track, attendees will also have an opportunity to participate in a series of hands-on learning labs and solution training sessions. 

Pat McGrew, Senior Director, Production Workflow Service
Keynote: 5 News Flashes You Can Use from the Automation Trenches

In 2018 we looked at the workflow revolution, concluding that Smart Print Manufacturing is an aspirational path, but still not in everyone’s five-year plan. Automation is assumed for many processes, but there are still many islands linked by automation potholes that need attention. Based on the most recent Keypoint Intelligence research from both the workflow and customer communication services, as well as emerging evidence that platform-based automation is gaining steam, here are the five things you must work on this year to ensure that you are positioned for operational efficiency.

Take Away:

  • Evaluating platforms to create more efficiency
  • Filling in potholes in superstructure
  • Developing the long-term plan as more tools become available


Pat will also host a session in the Executive Track: Customer Advisory Council Panel Discussion

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2019 Graphic Users' Association Conference
May 16 2019
New Orleans, LA

Join Pat McGrew, Senior Director at Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends during the 2019 Graphic Users' Association Conference May 13-16th in New Orleans. 

Pat will be presenting at the following: 

May 14th (Prinergy Gala)

And the Next Big Thing Is.....

Printing is a cycle business. It follows the fortunes of the economies it serves while looking for innovations to keep the printed page, poster, banner or box a relevant piece of communication. Whether your substrate of choice is paper, card stock, corrugated, plastic, or any of the wide array of synthetics, the good news is that there are opportunities for you to expand your business, optimize your workflows, and use automation to reach the operational excellence that leads to attractive margins, value added solutions, and closer relationships with your customers. This session bring data from Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends surveys and forecasts, insights from our participation in global trade events, and guidance on the next big thing.

May 16th (Conference Program)

How to Make $1 million with your Workflow

Without workflow, your work will not flow. And if it doesn't flow, it costs time and money, impacting your margin. In this presentation we are looking at how you can assess your workflow to identify gaps and bumps. Using the Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends scale of Reactive to Smart, we will walk through what to look for to help you create a workflow that is operationally effective, financial beneficial, and optimized for ongoing automation to drive the best margins. Poor workflow hygiene means your cost of goods sold is too high, so come to this session to become more efficient! 

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FESPA 2019
May 17 2019
Munich, Germany

FESPA 2019 is Europe’s largest international wide format professional printing exhibition. Where over 700 exhibitors showcase their latest innovations and product launches in the digital and screen printing sectors for graphics, signage, décor, packaging, industrial and textile applications.

Come hear Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends analysts speak May 14-17 at FESPA 2019. Sessions inlcude:

Ryan McAbee, Director, Production Workflow

May 14 & 16
12:30 pm 
Dig Up Euros from Your Workflow

The sands are shifting as wide format shops seek out new customer opportunities with higher margin opportunities. The focus is typically centered on new applications supported by faster and better print equipment. This session will focus on the often-overlooked trends and opportunities in workflow and software automation.

Come discover the critical workflow challenges, such as job on-boarding, based on lessons learned by InfoTrends as we have walked the workflow walk with printers performing print shop assessments. Learn how to perform your own shop audit to identify cost savings and plot a course for digital transformation.

A workflow assessment discovers and documents the people and technology used during each process from job on-boarding to completion and delivery.

Participants will learn:

  • Current software trends specific to the sign and graphics industry
  • Uncover the critical workflow challenges and how to fix them
  • How to perform your own workflow assessment to uncover your own challenges
  • The five stages of digital workflow transformation and why they matter


Eric Zimmerman, Director, Wide Format Printing

May 15 & 17 
11:30 am 
Wide Format State of the Industry – 2017-2022 Wide Format Forecast, Trends and Innovation that Drive Profitable Business

The wide format sign & graphics industry has embraced digital printing and matured in record while commercial printers are now also adopting these technologies to grow their business. Sign shops of all sizes are reacting by growing their business whilst adopting innovative technologies for print as well as finishing. Durable inks such as Latex, UV, and Sublimation and sophisticated finishing devices such as flatbed router/cutters are enabling this business growth. Through annual industry forecast and end user research conducted with the FESPA organization this session brings light to the key trends that drive industry growth.

Participants will learn:

  • Industry trends in sign and display graphics
  • The products and applications that are driving the market growth based upon the 2017-2022 Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends Wide Format Forecast
  • End user sentiment on business success and growth
  • Investment preferences in print, finishing and workflow solutions
  • Print service providers needs in support of their growth strategy

May 15
12:00 pm 
Textile/Sublimation Trends in the Signs & Graphics Market, Trends and Applications that Provide Profitable Differentiation

The need for differentiating applications in P.O.P., retail environments, tradeshow and other interior signage provides an opportunity for business owners to offer textile/sublimation solutions in the sign & graphics market space. Textile/sublimation products offer a sophisticated solution to high-end clientele looking for unique creative marketing results that traditional signage applications cannot provide. Through industry analysis, application forecasts and end user research, conducted with the FESPA organization, this session will focus on the trends driving the growth of textile/sublimation technology within the sign & display industry.

Participants will learn:

  • Textile/sublimation trends in the sign & display graphics market
  • The textile/sublimation products and applications that are growing in the sign & display market segment based upon the 2017-2022 Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends Wide Format Forecast
  • Durable Ink Technology Trends - Other Ink technology used in this space
  • Investment preferences in textile/sublimation print devices, workflows and finishing solutions


Ron Gilboa, Group Director, Production Technology

May 15
12:30 pm 
Digital Printing – New Opportunities in Decorative Applications

Advancements in digital printing for wallcoverings, décor paper, as well as direct surface printing have brought many improvements to the supply chain, productivity, and customization required to meet expanding customer demand for both short-run, small batch work and long-run production. The products produced in these segments are the staple of the decor industries because they provide a cost-effective decorative surface as well as superior and more durable surface for applications such as retail displays to architectural elements. Achieving quality décor print layers relied on traditional printing technologies to enabled high-volume manufacturing at low cost per unit. That is changing. Advancements in inkjet printing now enables decorative printing of a varied range of surfaces. With the complementary advancements in material science and digital processing, these technologies are now emerging as solutions that enhance productivity and creativity in industrial applications such as flooring, laminating, and wall decoration.

Participants will learn:

  • Market opportunities for innovative décor products
  • The latest in digital print technology for surface decoration
  • Opportunities and industry data to support decisions
  • Determining if this segment can help you grow your business

May 16
11:30 am 
Packaging and Displays: Overview of Color Digital Print for Corrugated

Corrugated today also connotes not just brown cartons but also fine color graphics printing, and lots of it! Brand owners and retailers depend more and more on corrugated to carry brand imagery on shelf-ready cartons, point of purchase displays, and even primary packaging. As with other print segments, corrugated converting has a big and growing need for short run printing, to mass customize output and to achieve timeliness and operational efficiency. Inkjet systems have been key tools for addressing that need, first with multi-pass flatbeds, and most recently with high speed single pass printers. This presentation is about the dynamic inkjet technologies that now print corrugated worldwide, and their future.

Participants will learn:

  • History and current roles of multi-pass and single-pass inkjet
  • Main equipment vendors, key products in each category
  • Printer options for print service providers of all sizes
  • Why inkjet for corrugated print market has a strong future!


Catherine Cresswell, Associate Director, Digital Textile Printing

May 17
12:00 pm 
Innovative Digital Fabric Printing Opportunities

Digital printing is a disruptive force for many traditional textile finishers and those new to the opportunity. Digital print technology enables short-run, small batch fabric designs for a new generation of designers while also driving fundamental changes in the supply chain as the industry addresses the demand for mass customization. This presentation covers the growth trend in digital printing to help business owners make decisions about where to invest. With a five-year growth trajectory of more than 20% this is a technology opportunity that spotlights highly productive print technology from around the world enabled by innovations in material science and production workflow. Add Industry 4.0 automation considerations, which permeate a range of manufacturing industries, and the migration to digital textile printing paired to available automation solutions and the opportunity emerges to build the infrastructure for cost-effective Just-in-Time manufacturing capabilities. That is efficiency and optimization brands can take engage as they plan for sustainable business growth.

Participants will learn:

  • Key market drivers that influence demand for digital textile printing
  • Recent technology innovations
  • Industry direction and technology adoption trends
  • Voices from the field on technology adoption and use

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