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PrintEx 19
Aug 16 2019
Sydney, Australia

Pat McGrew, Senior Director, will be speaking during 3 sessions at PrintEx 19. Taking place from August 13-16 in Sydney, this event is the leading show for print, sign, display, label and packaging professionals.

Tuesday, Aug. 13th

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Big Opportunities in Wide Format Printing: What the FESPA Census Tells Us and How to Use It
This presentation discusses the 2018 FESPA Survey with some analysis of trends, and practical applications for both
strategic and tactical decisions for business owners. What are the growing applications? What equipment do you
need to participate in the market? What digital opportunities can you access to differentiate your product offerings
to the market? This presentation comes with key takeaways to use when attendees return to their shop.


Friday, Aug. 16th

12:00 pm – 12:45 pm

Developing a Workflow Mindset: Picking Up Money from the Production Floor
Every business and every production floor have a workflow. It’s sometimes called other things, but there are
processes, documented and undocumented that move work into the shop and through production, cause billing
to happen, and manage delivery. Even in 2019, many shops still operated with a single team member who is
the source of all knowledge and use a series of spreadsheets and notice boards tracking physical job traveler
envelopes. Today there are processes and tools that can add automation without breaking the bank that are
worth considering, but you need to know what problems that you are trying to solve and what questions to ask.
This is the presentation that gives you the toolset to embark on your next, efficient, workflow process.

2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

How to Create Print Samples That Sell! 

Every sales person knows that a print sample can move the conversation forward, but are your sales people
still carrying last year’s samples? Have your samples been updated to show what you can really do today?
This presentation is the how-to course for building and maintaining a vibrant print sample library – brought to you
by the host of PrintSampleTV!

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