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Carl Schell

Supplementing its “revolutionary” Replaceable Ink Pack System, Epson today launched five EcoTank all-in-ones to again help customers reduce ink costs. With this product intro, the company now offers extremely long-life ink supplies that can positively impact TCO from SMBs to the home. “With our EcoTank devices, you no longer have to curb your color printing,” said Nils Madden, marketing director for Epson America’s Consumer Inkjet Division. “For four of the five new all-in-ones, those that have replacement ink in bottles rather than packs, customers will reap the benefit of a lower CPP than that from a comparable mono laser MFP running a third-party cartridge.”



Lee Davis

Millennials rejoice! I have seen the ECM platform of the future – and comrades, it’s a flavor we can all appreciate. eXo Platform, a user-centric, open-source social collaboration software, enables users to connect, collaborate, and publish real-time updates in activity streams and build a valuable knowledgebase via a productive and interactive social intranet. But the solution doesn’t stop there; it can also serve as an organizations document management system and integrates with many line-of-business applications. In plain terms: imagine the current ECM system you work off of with the look and feel of Facebook. And like social media, you can access the platform on the go with their mobile devices.



Keypoint Intelligence

Executive Order 13693, which outlines various federal purchasing guidelines, recently caused concern with environmental advocates for its failure to mention the Green Electronics Council’s EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) environmental purchasing guidelines. The US Federal Government recently resolved this issue by publishing additional purchasing instructions that directly address EPEAT.



Kaitlin Shaw

As important as digital security measures are in any industry, they are becoming increasingly so within healthcare environments, which, according to the former NSA tech director, have become prime targets for cybercriminals.



Andrew Unsworth

The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) Forum 2015 was a one-day event held in London to help information managers adapt to the changing face of electronic content management (ECM). It’s often said that the widespread adoption of personal tech devices, such as smartphones and tablets, heralds the end of the ECM era but, as AIIM President John Mancini observed in his keynote speech, a disrupted market results in new and innovative products and practices. The AIIM Forum, through a series of seminars and many opportunities for networking, allows the transmission of ideas and best practises between information practitioners so that they’re better able to deal with changing business landscapes and customer and colleague expectations.