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German Sacristan

How commercial printers could benefit from better relationships with their customers

With many companies expanding, the strategic marketing question is whether to use centralized or decentralized marketing across multiple locations. This blog explores the benefits and costs of each method, as well as how to get the best of both with W2P strategies.



Deborah Hawkins

Revenue from service will crash by more than 50% in 2020 due to the effects of the pandemic

The pandemic and the resulting forced shift of knowledge workers to the home resulted in a massive drop in office print volume. This blog explores the other options available to offices beyond printing.



Jamie Bsales

Cloud-centric infrastructure and support for Windows applications widen its appeal

Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub “edge” infrastructure computing appliance combines a blade server and essential shared network services with 24/7 remote monitoring and tech support. This blog explores how the Workplace Hub can help those working remote, in the office, or split across both locations.



Lee Davis

It’s time for the paperless government!

The OMB and NARA have came up with the Transition to Electronic Records directive, which sets goals for federal government agencies to digitize their records-keeping and business processes. This blog explores some of the effects of this directive.



Colin McMahon

What to expect in 2021

In many ways, COVID-19 has been an accelerator, pushing many industries including print into greater digital readiness. In other words, fulfilling the promise of industry 4.0 transformation, which began many years ago.



Colin McMahon

Two days dedicated to reaching the future

Innovation was the dominant theme as companies such as HP, Microsoft, UPS, Zoom, and others held panels discussing technological developments and refining decentralized work solutions.



Christine Dunne

But pandemic recovery and areas of opportunity are reasons for optimism

News of job losses as well as Panasonic’s exit from the document scanner market are among the latest challenges facing the office equipment industry. This blog explores what this will mean for OEMs and PSPs in the market.



Jamie Bsales

The end is upon us, but most users won’t miss it

Introduced more than a decade ago, Google Cloud Print service is ending on December 31, 2020. This blog explores the ramifications and what users can expect for the future.



Paul Brady

Dealer principal in NSW Australia talks about the ups and downs during a pandemic

We sat down with Lawrence Breen to learn more about Inland Digital, how the dealer has fared since the coronavirus hit, successes and challenges in 2020, and opportunities for next year. This blog explores some of those findings from our interview.



Colin McMahon

Projecting wider industry movements in a time of increased acceleration

Around the start of every year, Keypoint Intelligence’s subject matter experts release a series of roadmaps that outline the trends we expect to see in the coming months. In a recent webinar, our Production Group Directors (along with CS&PO Randy Dazo) discussed such movements that are impacting the print industry.