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Dedicated Scanners Create New Revenue Streams for MPS Resellers, but Many Are Missing the Boat

While many MFPs offer scan functionality in addition to core print, copy, and fax functions, it’s not always a case of one-size-box-fits-all. Dedicated scanners and capture software should also be considered as part of any MPS solution.



Get to Where You Need to Be—Today!

For many companies, document management still flows sluggishly by way of paper-based processes, which can cause more problems than the occasional paper cut.



These devices made their way into our lab during November.

See what devices were tested in November and what scores they received in this infographic. Stay tuned next month for more!



Company Demonstrates Strength and Versatility of ConnectKey Ecosystem

In November, the analyst and media community were invited to the Xerox Innovation Centre in Uxbridge, UK, to hear how the company is accelerating workplace digitalization by moving its Workplace Assistant strategy forward.



Thoughts on Acquisitions, Services, and More with David Ramos

Since Q4 2014, when the company bought Commonwealth Technology in Lexington, Kentucky, VET has been among the acquisition leaders in the industry. This year alone, the company is on pace to bring 20-plus businesses into its family.



A Conversation with Company CEO Darren Metz

Novatech, formerly NovaCopy, is today a burgeoning platform operation with a prime focus on acquiring dealers as well as other organizations that offer products and services relative to the document imaging space.



Take a peek at what devices we tested in October!

See what devices were tested in October and what scores they received in this infographic. Stay tuned next month for more!



Company Celebrates 30th Anniversary with New Products and Innovations

Throughout this year, the company has held Open House and User Conference days at its various offices around the world to give people a chance to chat with ISIS Papyrus representatives and discover what’s new and exciting about the company’s software.



Learn about what motivates GenZ photo behaviors

This infographic highlights findings from Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends' GenZ to Boomers: Segmenting High-Spending Personas for Increased Share of Wallet study.



Have a look at what we tested in the lab this September!

See what devices were tested in September and what scores they received in this infographic. Stay tuned next month for more!