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Mark Davis

Hybrid working, smart office, and greater flexibility are behind HP’s new offerings

HP’s focusing on hybrid working, smart office solutions, and versatility across all technology offerings for its Spring Product Launch.



Lindsey Naples

Content creation can be daunting (especially at the start), but here’s how we handled it!

The pandemic has swept in and created a “sink or swim” attitude for many businesses over the past few years. In an interview with Rick Lambert, CEO and Founder of IN2communications, Keypoint Intelligence's Carl Schell discusses content creation and adapting to market changes.



Carl Schell

Company adds managed print services capabilities to its MSP software

In many ways, this MPS upgrade represents a critical juncture in the company’s ongoing initiative to increase its dealer relationships and subscriber base. Moses and I discussed that, along with the premium Tigerpaw puts on automation and customization as well as details about the development cycle of the software’s new features and functions.



Greg Cholmondeley

The company adapts its platform to promote supplies availability and pricing

Over the past few years, the business world has dramatically changed, especially regarding inventories and pricing. We discuss here how Zaikio has recently launched its Procurement App, which streamlines the process of price and availability research as well as ordering consumables.



German Sacristan

Looking at how printers will shift in the industry

Since inkjet improved its printing quality, more print volumes have shifted from EP to inkjet because of productivity and cost. That should be the consistent trend moving forward…but where does that leave EP?



Eve Padula

Particularly for students, the method of reading impacts comprehension!

The pandemic has changed so much about how we work, shop, interact with one another, and even how we learn. We discuss here how digital learning has affected students and means to overcome these challenges.



Mark DiMattei

Epson announces release of its latest industrial 3D printer

Recently, the Seiko Epson Corporation announced that it has developed an industrial 3D printer that can use common third-party materials. Here we discuss the effect this will have on the market as well as Epson's plans to explore the additive manufacturing market.



Mark DiMattei

A sneak peek at the RAPID + TCT 2022 show

RAPID + TCT will take place May 17-19, 2022, in Detroit, MI. We discuss here some of the key features of the show as well as reflect on Keypoint Intelligence's experiences with additive manufacturing.



Johnny Shell

A closer look at this ever-expanding market segment

The world of functional and industrial printing is all around us, and many of the products we use daily would not be possible without it. We discuss here some of the key features and growing applications.



Mark DiMattei

Show mom you care by putting some thought into a customizable gift

Mother's day is approaching and we discuss here how personalization and customization can be used for a variety of gift-giving opportunities.