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Your Home Printer and Network Equipment Could Be Putting Corporate Data at Risk

Recent legislation measures introduced by governments across the globe have forced businesses to take much more seriously the safeguarding of our personal data, with the threat of serious punitive fines for those who breach the rules.



bliQ Subscribers Speak Out

Keypoint Intelligence very recently conducted a survey of its bliQ subscribers to determine how dealers, vendors, salespeople, and others are responding to the outbreak.



Demand Is Steady, Supply Chains Are Mostly Intact, and Everybody Is Working from Home

I remember learning about the Bubonic Plague and the Spanish Influenza when I was in school. I was terrified, but also relieved: “At least with modern medicine and medical technology, I’ll never have to worry about dealing with that stuff.”



Presenting Our Interactive Map of the Ongoing Pandemic

Through DOMO—the visual data analytics tool that we here at Keypoint Intelligence use— and the data John Hopkins University is aggregating from various sources, we have developed an easy-to-use and interactive map to help you follow the changes and understand the impact of the spread of the coronavirus.



Testimonials of Commercial Printers

Because of all this, people have far fewer occasions peruse programs, see signs, read promotional materials and brochures, or use course packets. This has led to a decline in printing of materials required to inform, educate, sell, amuse, and decorate.



Examining VR’s Place in the Workflow of the 21st Century

Every day brings more troubling news of the coronavirus. What at first seemed like a distant problem has quickly turned into a global event affecting nearly every aspect of business and personal life.



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With all the uncertainty, including how long it will last and what the future will look like, one thing is certain: We will all be affected, business will change, and the world will shift, good or bad, based on this global situation.



Huge Show on 2020 Calendar Falls Victim to Pandemic

According to the drupa website, half of the event’s visitors come to the show with specific investment plans. Of course, these plans are likely to change, as along with delaying drupa, the virus will have an impact on the market as a whole.



The Impact of COVID-19 on the Way We Work

If businesses are shut down, for indefinite periods of time, how will employees continue to get work done? If workers do work from home, will they have everything they need to continue operating as if they were in the office?



Print/IT Convergence Expert Speaks about Dealers and MSPs

With a background in working with dealers (he was previously at Print Audit) and, for the last year at Tigerpaw, MSPs, he can speak both at length and in depth on the blurring of the line between print and IT.