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Eve Padula & Marc Mascara

Will it be the final nail in transactional mail’s coffin?

Enterprises are currently sending customer communications that encourage or even force consumers to go paperless for their transactional documents. This blog explores recent Keypoint Intelligence survey data on the effects of paperless and print communications.



Eve Padula

Targeted, personalized content makes direct mail stand out

Many organizations are increasing their focus on direct marketing initiatives as they strive to capture and keep consumer attention. This blog explores how to reach consumers across several channels.



German Sacristan

Production print market expected to change fast

The printing market is expected to see severe changes impacting the way many will do business in the very near future. This blog explores our findings from a recent Keypoint Intelligence forecast.



Marc Mascara & Eve Padula

Reborn, renewed, and refined

Before the global pandemic became top of mind, the focus was the positioning between Xerox and Fuji Xerox. This blog explores the features of FUJIFILM's recent webinar and its recent growth.



Lindsey Naples & Mike Bertini

Review of the seventh edition of the combined show

This blog summarizes some key takeaways from the ITMA Asia 2020 show, including vendors and devices/products shown.



Carl Schell

Industry veteran discusses his vision for product testing and market research organization

Introduced as President and CEO at the beginning of July, Sci has had a potpourri experience in his 30-plus years in the industry. From a services organization (IKON) to manufacturers (Sharp and Xerox) to a dealer (LDI Color ToolBox), he has seen a ton and lived through even more.



Eve Padula

Dealing with a high number of small jobs remains a primary workflow challenge

Ongoing changes in the printing industry continue to stress production processes and workflows, and this blog looks at increased levels of automation and what that means for the future of PSP's.



Lee Davis

Fujitsu announces EdgeXperience capture service

Fujitsu has recently introduced its EdgeXperience Capture Service, an Imaging Solution-as-a-Service. This blog explores the service's key features and benefits.



Kaitlin Shaw, Randy Dazo & Jamie Bsales

The future of line-head ink for office now resides with Epson

HP announced it has decided to discontinue the sale of its PageWide office products. This blog explores the main concerns and effects of this announcement.



Eve Padula

Strategies for success in an evolving industry

Some production color digital printing systems have been capable of printing effects beyond CMYK for decades. This blog explores some of the additional colors and effects that can be achieved with additional jetting or toner units in printers.