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Eve Padula & Eric Zimmerman

A virtual event with an in-person vibe

ISA International Sign Expo was held virtually this year from April 7th-9th, 2021. This blog explores some of the highlights of this year's show.



Eve Padula

Consumer engagement in an increasingly complex environment

Delivering data-driven communications involves collecting information about consumers’ purchasing habits and using that information to create more relevant and engaging communications. This blog explores how to do so without endangering your connection to consumers.



Keypoint Intelligence

Are you delivering for your customers?

Due to the pandemic, 2020 had some of the most challenging global business conditions that print service providers had seen in a decade. Operations were disrupted as executives and managers struggled to figure out health and safety protocols, while also enabling remote work where possible.



Keypoint Intelligence

The Zaikio Procurement Platform modernizes B2B procurement

How we purchase things has forever been changed by e-commerce but, when it comes to obtaining mission-critical supplies, B2B procurement can still be an archaic offline process. This blog explores how Zaikio's procurement platform can address this issue.



Randy Dazo

Add modules to coincide with your organization’s growth

Last year, the UVERCE™ product and development team spoke to several dealers to obtain feedback on the service as well as understand what these dealers would want in an e-commerce solution. This blog explores the many modules available for the UVERCE™ solution.



Andrew Unsworth

New feature increases safety for those returning to the office after lockdown

We recently posted a report on Epson Print Admin 3, the company’s entry-level print management solution. This blog explores some of the features related to its touchless system for MFPs and printers.



Eric Zimmerman

With the launch of the imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 series

Designed for high-volume printing of elevated image quality CAD drawings and posters, Canon’s 36-inch (914mm) imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 features new technologies for easy media handling, versatility, and the fastest print speeds of any imagePROGRAF to date. This blog explores the details of this release.



Keypoint Intelligence

An update on the Custom Gateway acquisition

In August 2020, Kornit acquired Custom Gateway, a cloud-based software solutions provider of end-to-end workflow solutions for on-demand apparel and home décor production. This blog provides insight regarding this decision from Robert Nute, Global Commercial Director of Custom Gateway at Kornit.



Masato Atoda

Print service providers display the value of print at the show

Japan Marketing Week, an exhibition about products and services related to sales promotion, was held near Tokyo from January 27-29, 2021. This blog explores some of the key items exhibited at the show.



Priya Gohil

Canon’s trailblazing Colorado 1650 printer thrives in rigorous wide format testing

Keypoint Intelligence recently published a test report on the Canon Colorado 1650 printer. This blog explores some of the key features of our findings.