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Mark DiMattei & Eric Zimmerman

Production and wide format exhibitors showcase latest innovations

This blog reviews this year's APPPEXPO, one of the biggest Asia-based tradeshows for the signage market, which took place over four days at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.



Colin McMahon

And why should businesses care?

This blog focuses on what the metaverse is, and that while much of the recent metaverse gains have come in the form of gaming and other entertainment content, businesses should not discount the concept too quickly.



German Sacristan

What to expect in the continuing saga between the Japanese manufacturer and Xerox

FUJIFILM Business Innovation announced that it will launch production as well as office printers under its own brand in select countries. This blog explores some of the features and impact this will have on the production market.



Christine Dunne

Company striking the right mix of online and physical offerings

This blog discusses how striking the right mix of digital and tangible offerings is key for today’s companies to help meet customers where they are, as well as to stand apart in a busy, online world and print is a key factor.



Eve Padula

Tactile, sensory elements create a competitive advantage

This blog explores how direct physical mail is a tactile form of communication which can appeal to multiple senses, including touch, sight, and even smell.



Eve Padula

Personalization shows clients how much you care

Customer experience is a priority for most businesses. This blog explores some of the barriers and best practices to help companies utilize it efficiently.



Greg Cholmondeley

Canon announces PRISMAprepare Go

This blog discusses Canon's announcement of its PRISMA Go Suite, which approaches the challenge of job onboarding and management from a different perspective.



Colin McMahon

How to improve future meetings, events, and collaborations

This blog discusses Zoom’s annual conference, Zoomtopia 2021, and the stressed importance of marketing the digital space.



Lee Davis

It’s time to secure the goldmine of sensitive information at devices

MFPs are often overlooked when it comes to security measures. This blog explores how the MyQ solution can help to overcome this loophole in many companies' cybersecurity plans.



Keypoint Intelligence

Digital 3D print technology expands growing portfolio of textile applications

Kornit Digital recently announced the acquisition of Voxel8, a technology company specializing in 3D additive printing on textiles and footwear products.