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Mack Brothers

Is there a recipe for growth in today’s economy?

In Part 1, we will be looking at the concept of a "secret sauce" for success and how it applies to your teams. This blog explores how to get the best out of the people you work with.



Eve Padula

Fostering loyalty in a multi-channel world

A positive customer experience is key to business success because happy clients are more likely to become loyal customers who generate repeat business that can improve your revenues. This blog explores how you can better your customers' experiences.



Ryan McAbee & Eve Padula

A virtual industry event where all are invited

This blog explores the first day of the PRINTING United Digital Experience—a three-week-long virtual event for product announcements, exhibitor showcases, and educational opportunities. It also previews Keypoint Intelligence's involvement at the show.



Eve Padula & Marc Mascara

Consumer purchasing preferences push boundaries of CMYK+ direct mail

We have witnessed a recent explosion of new equipment and finishing devices that are capable of producing exceptional applications with CMYK+ and embellishments. This blog explores the use of CMYK+ and who it should be geared towards.



Ryan McAbee

Disruption in equipment placements impacts the DFE market

The market for DFEs is being impacted by the disruption in equipment placements from the COVID-19 pandemic. This blog looks at our most recent DFE forecast to see how great this impact can be.



German Sacristan

The change to the digital print equipment demand ecosystem

When it comes down to print purchasing, COVID-19 has accelerated the natural transition for some consumers and businesses to purchase online at an even faster rate.



Aaron Hale

This week’s theme: “If You Connect It, Protect It”

For the first week of NCSAM, this blog explores the unknown dangers of smart devices and provides the National Cybersecurity Alliance's "commonsense checklist" of solutions to overcome common weak points.



Christine Dunne

Shifts occurring in portfolios, payment plans, and personnel

Australian office equipment dealers are taking on new products and services, right-sizing, and looking into new financial options for clients in the face of COVID-19, according to Keypoint Intelligence’s interviews with ten dealerships across the country. This blog explores some of these key findings.



Jamie Bsales

Expands successful “bug bounty” program to office-class HP Original Ink and Toner cartridges

HP is expanding its "bug bounty" program to ink and toner cartridges. The company is challenging four professional ethical hackers to identify security vulnerabilities and risks that might be lurking in the firmware found in office-class HP Original Ink and Toner cartridges.



Jamie Bsales

Help us honor the products and technologies that will shape production printing for years to come

Due to the pandemic, the analysts at Keypoint Intelligence felt it was imperitive to showcase the accomplishments of the hardware manufacturers and software developers unable to showcase their devices at tradeshows. This blog previews the Buyers Lab (BLI) Outstanding Innovation awards in Production Print webinar.