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Carl Schell

Evolving beyond print through managed IT and the smart workplace

For NYC Tri-State Area-based LDI Color ToolBox, on track for its best year ever, the company didn’t realize the plans it had for a product and services expansion would become its saving grace when the coronavirus struck.



Anne Valaitis

Bringing value during COVID-19 for the office and home

On November 10, Epson announced a refresh of several desktop workgroup scanners as well as a new network connected scanner. This blog explores the details of these devices.



Jamie Bsales

Free session shares insights on the post-COVID work environment

Keypoint Intelligence and Xerox recently teamed up to present a special webinar that should be of interest to all stakeholders in the office document technology industry. This blog explores the webinar.



Kris Alvarez & John Shane

US and Western European forecast on the impact of COVID-19

Businesses across the globe have been (and will continue to be) ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic—prompting companies to pivot their businesses to grow in different directions than usual. This blog looks at the updated numbers of our Marking Supplies Forecast.



Christine Dunne

“Essential” sectors have lowest penetration, representing persistent print opportunities

Much has been said recently about the shift to remote working that has been driven by the pandemic. This blog looks at those job listings that are actually remote and who is listing them.



Deborah Hawkins

The new joint venture helps Sharp continue to grow beyond the realm of print

Japan’s Sharp Corporation, under the guiding hand of its Taiwan-based parent company Foxconn Technology Group, just closed its previously announced deal to form a joint venture with display maker NEC Corporation. This blog explores the details.



Eve Padula & Marc Mascara

This customer communications stuff just got real!

Consumers are rethinking how they prefer to communicate, and the pandemic is wreaking havoc with customer communication channel preferences. This blog explores how to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and channel fatigue.



Keypoint Intelligence

This week’s theme: “The Future of Connected Devices”

In the fifth and final blog of our NCSAM series, we explore the future of cybersecurity through expert opinion and outside studies.



George Mikolay

Will more OEMs follow?

In a post-COVID world, launches and enhancements to touchless operation, voice recognition, and mobile apps are expected from all of the OEMs. This blog explores some of the initiatives from HP.



Mack Brothers

Is there a recipe for growth in today’s economy?

In Part 1, we will be looking at the concept of a "secret sauce" for success and how it applies to your teams. This blog explores how to get the best out of the people you work with.