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Paul Brady

Dealer principal in NSW Australia talks about the ups and downs during a pandemic

We sat down with Lawrence Breen to learn more about Inland Digital, how the dealer has fared since the coronavirus hit, successes and challenges in 2020, and opportunities for next year. This blog explores some of those findings from our interview.



Anne Valaitis

Moving online post-COVID

The world of business is now online. Products and services are morphing to meet the needs of the COVID-19 consumer. Whether for business or personal—often when you are working from home, it is blurry at best—an e-commerce presence for vendors is no longer a nicety.



Christine Dunne

Keypoint Intelligence’s research shows challenges around collaboration and file access

Some economies are seeing a “Zoom boom” where the demand for communication technologies fueled by new at-home worker requirements and the use of online meeting platforms are driving growth. This blog explores some of the implications from this finding.



Christine Dunne

Including home office furniture, promotional apparel, marketing brochures

In this blog, Christine Dunne details her interview and associated podcast with Dave Constas, co-founder and owner of Just the Right Stuff in Syracuse, New York. They discuss how a local print and office supply shop has shifted its focus on growth areas during the pandemic.



Carl Schell

Former Kyocera VP discusses dealer’s strategy, COVID’s impact, and her career

COVID-19 notwithstanding, the company has grown its print business and hired additional help in sales, thanks to the always powerful combination of continuing to satisfy existing customers and increasing net-new accounts.



Christine Dunne

Advanced Business Systems puts this into practice

ABS stands out from other small businesses with its emphasis on managed IT and document solutions. This blog explores how ABS is managing the pandemic and addressing its customers' needs.



Deborah Hawkins

The evolution of the modern office during COVID-19

The purpose of the future office is the big question we all seek to answer. This blog will explore hybrid workstyles and other initiatives.



Mack Brothers

Getting the Customer to be (nearly) always right

With the right combination of ingredients used in a strategic way, companies can create a sauce that becomes the foundation of myriad success stories. In Part 2 of the Secret Sauce blog, we look at customer experience and expectations.



John Shane & Kaitlin Shaw

Company looks to meet the high demand of printing from home during pandemic

HP recently announced its new HP+ offering, which has expanded its Instant Ink subscription service to include toner. This blog explores this expansion.



Lee Davis

Annual forecasts for North America and Western Europe coming soon

Released annually, our Document Imaging Solutions Forecasts for North America and Western Europe estimate and project revenue figures from 2019 to 2024. This blog explores some of the complications we've seen due to COVID-19.