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Christine Dunne

Ease of use, basic functionality can go a long way

Christine Dunne recently perused Amazon product reviews of SOHO printers. She has collected her findings in this blog post.



Christine Dunne

Online purchases, queries playing bigger role for higher-end machines

As businesses prepare for a post-pandemic future, many are expecting to make changes to their office print infrastructure. This blog explores some of the means companies may be making these changes.



Renée Clarke & Deborah Hawkins

Global computer chip shortage poses threat to print manufacturers

Since early 2020, computer chip manufacturers have not been able to meet customer demands. This blog explores the dangers and possible solutions of how to overcome this challenge.



Keypoint Intelligence

Xerox announces the D70n departmental scanner

On February 16th, 2021, Xerox announced a new high-speed scanner designed with connectivity in mind. The new D70n network scanner is set to respond to a company’s digital transformation objectives as needs grow to access more business content.



Eve Padula

Even in a challenging environment, they exist!

Many businesses entered 2020 cautiously optimistic about the opportunities of the future, but those expectations were shattered by the forced closure of non-essential businesses. This blog explores the actions that various printing companies are exploring so they can maintain growth as we emerge from the pandemic.



Colin McMahon

How internal development can drive engagement

Given the economic hardships created by the pandemic, outfitting a successful company can be more challenging than ever before. Part 2 of this series explores employee growth.



Jamie Bsales

Distinct software, finance, and innovation units to stand alongside core printing business

Xerox Corp. is one of the document imaging industry players currently reorganizing to help the company better align its businesses to market demands. This blog explores some of the key details behind this restructuring.



Deborah Hawkins

Planet, people, and communities are the heart of the matter

Today, HP launched the Impact extension of its Amplify Partner Program that is aimed to drive change in the IT industry. This blog explores the main aspects of this new program.



Christine Dunne

Large-capacity ink tank models and remote working demand two driving forces

When we saw that Epson’s printing solutions business had a 20% operating margin in Q3 and added 6,630 jobs since March, we were eager to know more. This blog explores our findings.



Jamie Bsales

New report distills key research on leading OEMs into a single deliverable

Keypoint Intelligence has announced the release of our Vendor Insights reports. This series presents a top-level look at key document imaging vendors with pertinent information culled from our research and distilled into one report.