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Johnny Shell

Is this a promising future or dark reality?

Trade shows have been a source of new business for a long time, but there are probably few traditional exhibitors in the printing industry that don’t have a love/hate relationship with them. We discuss here the efficacy of trade shows as they currently are as well as ways to improve them.



Deborah Hawkins

Why businesses should care, especially now

Document digitisation is key and represents the foundation of any digital business infrastructure.



David Sweetnam

Going beyond brochures to get the facts

When digital production print first emerged, the ability to print high quality pages at a high speed over short commercially viable print runs sent shivers up the collective backs of offset manufacturers; they could suddenly see some of their lunch being slowly eaten by a new group of relatively low cost, aggressive competitors.



Lindsey Naples

Keypoint Intelligence’s newest poll on the impact of reusing materials

I’m more likely to purchase things made using recycled materials rather than ones that aren’t as environmentally friendly. Do other people feel the same?



Carl Schell

Company’s President of Dealer Sales discusses diversification, supply chain, and plenty more

Diversification beyond print at the OEM and dealer levels was happening long before the pandemic hit, and it has only increased in frequency. This interview between Carl Schell and Konica Minolta's Laura Blackmer explores this level of diversification as well as supply chain issues and other topics.



Lee Davis

If you make money selling print, then you can also make money selling these products

Collaboration and meeting room technologies from InfoComm 2022 (and the problems that they solve) that can help office equipment dealers evolve beyond print.



Carl Schell

Company continues transformation through products, services, positive energy, and honesty

Creating a sense of closeness at a big, in-person event can be difficult to pull off. Fortunately for Oscar Sanchez and everyone else at KYOCERA Document Solutions America who was involved with its most recent dealer meeting, they did so with relative ease.



Andrew Unsworth

Company has increased durability and comfort to conquer the industrial market

Epson has produced augmented reality smart glasses for over a decade, and has recently announced the release of the Epson Moverio BT-45C and BT-45CS devices. We discuss here the technical features as well as benefits the smart glasses can have for various industries.



Rachel Dean

How to reduce, reuse, recycle, and manage your purchasing decisions

Printing is inherently wasteful due to its reliance on paper, toner, and power sources. We discuss here how to reduce waste as well as other methods to keep the benefits of print without continuing to damage the environment.



Eve Padula

Implementing eco-friendly business strategies can yield benefits all year

Today’s buyers want complete transparency into how businesses operate, so simply being conscious of the environment or promoting your business as “eco-friendly” is not enough. We discuss here how to best utilize "green" practices throughout the year.