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Deborah Hawkins

Why businesses should care, especially now

Document digitisation is key and represents the foundation of any digital business infrastructure.



David Sweetnam

Going beyond brochures to get the facts

When digital production print first emerged, the ability to print high quality pages at a high speed over short commercially viable print runs sent shivers up the collective backs of offset manufacturers; they could suddenly see some of their lunch being slowly eaten by a new group of relatively low cost, aggressive competitors.



Lindsey Naples

Keypoint Intelligence’s newest poll on the impact of reusing materials

I’m more likely to purchase things made using recycled materials rather than ones that aren’t as environmentally friendly. Do other people feel the same?



Lindsey Naples

Using small businesses and 3D printing technology for my wedding

Crafting and personal props are just a very small drop in a very large bucket when it comes to Additive Manufacturing possibilities.



Johnny Shell

A recap of FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 in Berlin

Attendees of the FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 in Berlin showed up en mass to see the latest printing, media, and software solutions from over 325 exhibitors. We discuss here some of the key exhibitors as well as the products shown.



Carl Schell

Company continues transformation through products, services, positive energy, and honesty

Creating a sense of closeness at a big, in-person event can be difficult to pull off. Fortunately for Oscar Sanchez and everyone else at KYOCERA Document Solutions America who was involved with its most recent dealer meeting, they did so with relative ease.



Mark DiMattei

3D printing and assistive technology are making progress

While there have been a number of advancements in additive manufacturing, we have recently seen its use in the medical field. We discuss here how 3D printing and assistive technologies have developed to assist those with specific needs.



Priya Gohil

New features aim to control and expand colour possibilities

Nowadays, Adobe has a hand in the creation of most print jobs. We discuss here the recent release of Adobe PDF Print Engine 6 and its influence in print job creation.



David Sweetnam & Priya Gohil

Production 2.0 test program for monochrome hardware is underway, too

On June 1, Keypoint Intelligence announced the worthy recipients of its Buyers Lab (BLI) Colour PRO Awards, which recognize the best performances of mid- to high-volume presses that have undergone our Production 2.0 testing. We discuss here some of the key elements of this award as well as our testing process.



Greg Cholmondeley

The promise of integrating once to connect to everything

While there are many ways of looking at the future of work, most involving integrated and automated software solutions, one problem that arises is integrating disparate software solutions (including new products come to market). We discuss here how to best overcome these challenges with Zaikio's Procurement App as an example of one such solution.