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Lee Davis

Scanner revenue and scanner shipments are up

According to Keypoint Intelligence’s recent forecasts, overall placements were flat, overall revenues fell, but placements grew. This blog takes a look at how scanners changed over the last year.



Johnny Shell

First major decorated apparel exhibition since the COVID-19 pandemic started

The Impressions Expo will return to the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA. This blog explores some of the key OEMs as well as challenges that the show will have to overcome.



Jamie Bsales

Which OEMs are best equipped to help customers with digital transformation initiatives?

In our recent Market Insight study, Keypoint Intelligence’s experienced analysts considered the imaging software each leading OEM officially sells and supports via its direct and independent sales channels. This blog provides a quick overview of our findings.



Colin McMahon

Insights from CES 2022

CES 2022 has just ended and included several introductions of VR at the show. This blog explores the VR market's current opportunities and challenges.



Mark DiMattei

How to make a career change in 2022

The new year provides a time for contemplation and self-reflection. This blog explores how to make the most out of your career and avenues to take to find job satisfaction.



Christine Dunne

I couldn’t escape the world of paper, cardboard, and documents if I tried

This blog explores how one Keypoint Intelligence analyst was unable to escape the effects of the packaging and print market during a recent vacation.



Christine Dunne

Highlights address top sectors, benefits in areas like supply chain and communication

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview a number of 3D printing solutions users and vendors for The Key Point Blog and The Key Point Podcast. Here are a few of our top takeaways from these conversations.



Carl Schell

Keypoint Intelligence’s public-facing content educates readers, expands in scope

We entered this year still in the thick of battling COVID, and as we prepare to flip the calendar to 2022, the print industry and the entire world continue to face a chip shortage and a slow supply chain. In between all that was a gluttony of compelling news, including anything and everything related to digital transformation.



Lindsey Naples

Think again, because I’m about to rock your world!

Print is an ever-present force in our lives, whether we realize it or not. This blog explores just how far-reaching the medium can be.



Johnny Shell

Effects on design and print workflow

Adobe announced that PANTONE Color Libraries that are pre-loaded in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Color, and Adobe Capture will be removed from future software updates. This blog explores the implications and potential future for Adobe.