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Randy Dazo

Services leading to better business continuity among the key messages

This blog explores an interview with Olaf Lorenz, who is leading the product and commercial success of Konica Minolta Europe's digital transformation business.



Kaitlin Shaw

Company announces next gen EcoTank devices and reports strong sales growth

Epson recently announced that it is refreshing its core EcoTank lineup with a new generation of all-in-one devices for small and home office environments. This blog provides an overview of these new devices.



Colin McMahon

Scalable solution is designed to fit the needs of office and home workers

HP recently unveiled its Managed Print Flex, an MPS solution designed to be cloud-first and optimized for customers with hybrid workforces. This blog explores the key points of this announcement.



Greg Cholmondeley

Canon announces PRISMAprepare Go

This blog discusses Canon's announcement of its PRISMA Go Suite, which approaches the challenge of job onboarding and management from a different perspective.



Colin McMahon

How to improve future meetings, events, and collaborations

This blog discusses Zoom’s annual conference, Zoomtopia 2021, and the stressed importance of marketing the digital space.



Jamie Bsales

Easy-to-deploy firewalls could be the answer to sketchy home network security

Cybersecurity for home networks has recently become a top priority for IT personnel as employees found themselves working remotely. This blog explores some options available to help protect remote knowledge workers.



Colin McMahon

Unveils suite of products aimed at digital events and experiences

German-based startup rooom has unveiled its first suite of products designed to create specific virtual events tailored to users’ needs and specifications. This blog reviews rooom's offerings and how they can be utilized for virtual events.



Lee Davis

It’s time to secure the goldmine of sensitive information at devices

MFPs are often overlooked when it comes to security measures. This blog explores how the MyQ solution can help to overcome this loophole in many companies' cybersecurity plans.



Keypoint Intelligence

Digital 3D print technology expands growing portfolio of textile applications

Kornit Digital recently announced the acquisition of Voxel8, a technology company specializing in 3D additive printing on textiles and footwear products.



Renée Clarke

Comparing trends reveals an important market shift

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Keypoint Intelligence has been estimating its impact on print volume in the office and the home. This infographic presents data from our September 2021 forecast, which is the fourth version to those estimates and makes updates.