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Johnny Shell

The gap is closing between commercial and industrial segments

Some of the new direct-to-garment (DTG) printer launches this year have been closing the gap between commercial and industrial printers. We discuss here a few of these new entrants and their effect on the DTG market.



Jean Lloyd

Using Hirt & Carter’s SmartPack solution for interactivity

Smart packaging describes the packaging of products that enhance the interaction with the consumer. We discuss here some of the benefits of using smart packaging as well as how solutions like Hirt & Carter's SmartPack can enhance the consumer experience.



Lindsey Naples

And why you should take a break in general

A reminder to take regular breaks from work, not only to recharge but to avoid the potential health risks of burnout!



Mark DiMattei

Introducing new parental security measures to protect teens online

Social media may feel like it's been a part of our lives for forever, but we are still working out how everyone can use it safely. We discuss here how certain social media apps are enacting safety controls for teens as well as the dangers that younger users can face.



Randy Dazo

Director of Commercial Sales & Marketing talks about Epson’s approach to technology and marketing

Earlier this year, Joe Contreras was appointed Director of Commercial Sales & Marketing for Epson America’s line of business inkjet printers. Randy Dazo sits down with him to discuss Epson's A3 inkjet technologies as well as how the company managed during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Mark Davis

Keypoint Intelligence playing its part regarding how we store historical data

Helping to maintain the fundamental nature of historic and cultural media across the US, the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) compliance will determine the way we store, maintain, and interact with media. We discuss here some of the key aspects of FADGI standards as well as how Keypoint Intelligence can help you with media compliance.



Keypoint Intelligence

Reinforcing the trust in remote voting is paramount

While the use of mail-in ballots exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic, the politicization of absentee voting caused a lot of distrust in the process. We discuss here some of the history of mail-in voting as well as the results of our recent LinkedIn poll.



Mark DiMattei

Figuring out how to hire and keep the next generation

As the current workforce starts to age towards retirement, businesses need to start looking forward at the potential number of employees coming from the younger generations. We discuss here how to create an office climate where Gen Z will be enticed into applying for open positions and then staying once they get the job.



Mark Davis

Why accessible print design is not something to overlook

For several years, companies have been guilty of failing to make printed materials fully accessible to those with conditions such as dyslexia, color blindness, ADHD, and early dementia. We discuss here the ramifications of failing to make printed materials accessible to all as well as the benefits of and methods of becoming accommodating to all.



Mark DiMattei

What they mean and why you should care

There has been plenty discussion of user experience and user interface in the industry, but what do those terms actually mean? We discuss here the basics of both as well as offer some tips for aspiring solution designers.