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Keith Haas

Why this new method of building homes is here to stay

Large 3D printers are now being developed for the purpose of building houses primarily made from concrete. We discuss here how this technology will affect the construction industry as well as the benefits of pursuing it.



Andrew Young

Xplor22’s renamed award draws attention to its winners

The Xplor22 Conference revealed the newly renamed Dr. Keith Davidson Lifetime Achievement Award that focuses on the organization's roots and the historical impact its members have had across the industry. We look at the four winners and their influence in the industry.



Mark DiMattei

An exciting future lies ahead for our Packaging & Labels Division

Unlike other areas of print, there is no substitute product for packaging. Growth in the space is creating challenges for the traditional packaging supply chain—challenges that create opportunities for new entrants as well as incumbent suppliers.



Mark DiMattei

Looking at statistics in the literary world

This month, Spotify decided to enter into the audiobook market. We present here an image concerning audiobooks and their effect on the print book industry.



Kevin Karstedt

After four years what stood out to me upon coming back?

At LabelExpo 2022, the energy and enthusiasm for getting back together for an in-person event was everywhere and in everyone I spoke with.



Carl Schell

Revealing the final eight large-scale technology providers on the list

It’s a products and services world, and the mega dealers are acing the test. Sure, they have the human resources and the capital to make things happen on a grand scale—or to make new revenue streams happen.



Lindsey Naples

The cover is a sales pitch, but are you buying?

Judging a book by its cover is not only something everyone does, it’s also one of the first things you do when face to face with a book.



Jean Lloyd

Industry leaders in South Africa share valuable insights

Printing South Africa held its Women In Print celebrations in August, where the issue of fitting into the male-dominated print space was a topic, among many others.



Carl Schell

Which large-scale technology providers are on the list?

The mega dealers are “mega” because they are a well-diversified bunch. Sure, success is evident simply by studying financials for a few minutes, yet each company has its own story on how they surpassed $100M in annual revenue—and then some.



Jean Lloyd & Tanya Sherman

Company’s latest digital press to launch at Labelexpo Americas

Jean Lloyd, Principal Analyst of Keypoint Intelligence’s Color Digital Labels & Packaging Advisory Service, welcomed Konica Minolta Senior Vice President of Product Management Dino Pagliarello to our Interview Insights series to share his views on the AccurioLabel 400.