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Colin McMahon

Exhibitors and presenters must continue to rely on digital

This blog takes a look at the cancellation of PRINGING United 2021, marking a continued era of frustration for print vendors, manufacturers, and service providers looking to return to the normal onsite tradeshows.



Eve Padula

Print providers pivot to accommodate new market demands

This blog takes a look at the silver lining of the pandemic - that it has prompted print service providers (PSPs) to uncover new business opportunities that will carry them into a successful future.



Randy Dazo

Keypoint Intelligence to educate on the office and dealers of the future

We may not be able to predict the entire future, but we can help with what we’ve learned from the past, our newest research findings, and involving industry leaders that can all help you see a clearer future for the office and dealers.



Lindsey Naples & Mike Bertini

Review of the seventh edition of the combined show

This blog summarizes some key takeaways from the ITMA Asia 2020 show, including vendors and devices/products shown.



Christine Dunne

While less time was spent working and purchasing, more hours were logged working from home

US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ new American Time Use Survey shows how Americans spent their time during the COVID-19 pandemic, comparing information on work and leisure from May 10-December 31, 2020 to the same time period in 2019. This blog explores some of the key findings from this study.



Carl Schell

Dealer challenges, a look at forecasts among talking points

Keypoint Intelligence’s Deborah Hawkins and Carl Schell were invited by print industry veteran John Alfred Hustvedt to speak with some folks from the Nordic organization Economy and IT.



George Mikolay

How new and existing features and functions support a safe return to offices

While we have covered if office print volumes will ever be restored to pre-pandemic figures, we expect it will be affected by more people moving to a hybrid workforce. This blog explores how five of the major OEMs seek to support of a safe return to the office.



Andrew Unsworth

New feature increases safety for those returning to the office after lockdown

We recently posted a report on Epson Print Admin 3, the company’s entry-level print management solution. This blog explores some of the features related to its touchless system for MFPs and printers.



Kris Alvarez

Forecast of the impact of COVID-19 on print volume for small to large companies

March 11, 2021 marked the one-year anniversary of the WHO's official declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic, which continues to leave its mark on a global scale. This blog explores the recent data and provides an update to our data.



Eve Padula

Even in a challenging environment, they exist!

Many businesses entered 2020 cautiously optimistic about the opportunities of the future, but those expectations were shattered by the forced closure of non-essential businesses. This blog explores the actions that various printing companies are exploring so they can maintain growth as we emerge from the pandemic.