Lexmark Launches New GO Line™ Series Models

New compact series offers sustainability and a print subscription service to SMBs



Rachel Dean



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Lexmark has announced an update to their GO Line™ series, which was originally launched in 2019/2020 and revised in 2021. The compact Internet of Things (IOT)-enabled B3442dw monochrome printer and MC3326i multifunction color device bring sustainability benefits as well as a print subscription service offering to small and medium business (SMB) customers.


Supporting Lexmark’s range is their print subscription service, OnePrint. This service looks to answer the needs of today’s small businesses, where many have no IT department and lack time, budget, or interest for print devices. OnePrint delivers one flat rate with no overage fees through the monitoring of devices over time to assess average usage. A warranty service for the life of printer is offered, plus automatic security upgrades and toner delivery. Plan optimization monitoring also helps customers to right-size their fleet against patterns of usage.


Building on Lexmark’s longstanding commitment to sustainability, with many of those shown in the image below, the newly launched GO Line™ flagship models will be the first CarbonNeutral® Certified products in Lexmark’s range. As these devices are Lexmark’s own technology, they are designed to minimize impact from production to end of life, with high-quality offset projects to minimize remaining impact. Products are designed to be durable with a long-life of 7+ years, as well as recycle, refurbish, or remanufacture options for end of life.



Keypoint Intelligence Opinion

Lexmark provides a strong offering for SMBs with the GO Line™ series. The compact and affordable printer and multifunction printer line-up offers enterprise-level features and security, while OnePrint provides a print subscription option plus fleet optimization. This is an excellent product proposition, particularly as it hits a new level of achievement for sustainability as Lexmark’s first range to receive CarbonNeutral® Certification.



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