What Are the Benefits of Document Digitization?

Why businesses should care, especially now



Deborah Hawkins


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Digital transformation (DX) is front of mind to prepare organizations for a new level of doing business. For many, it is a phenomenal task that spans different business units and systems, processes, workflow, and culture—which are all part of this process. One of the major learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic is the need to be agile to adapt to disruptive occurrences.


Document digitization is key and represents the foundation of any digital business infrastructure. It is the process of transforming paper documents into a digital format by utilizing various tools and techniques that computer systems may use to automate processes or workflows. It is regarded as the most important phase on route to becoming a digital enterprise, and it is often the starting point for businesses on the digital journey.


The benefits of digitizing documents are huge for organizations on their DX journey, but also for workers in their everyday lives. A recent LinkedIn poll conducted by Keypoint Intelligence told us that most workers see the benefit of digitizing documents as it makes them easier to find. In this case, the example comes from the worker and the immediate benefit to their personal work process.



There are, however, many other benefits of digitizing documents that are worth mentioning. Digitized documents are easy to maintain, store, retrieve, and process—thereby reducing cost, time, and effort required to manage. As technology advances, more companies are digitizing through an automation process that not only speeds up the process, but also allows the retrieval of content at a minute level thanks to optical character recognition (OCR) or intelligent character recognition (ICR) techniques.


That said, it is not just about technology. One of the greatest stage blocks for digitization is (and always has been) employee buy-in. To be effective, document digitization requires people, processes, and technology. Using this technology is one thing, but the implementation requires a shift in employee mentality. With that shift often comes a fear that, by automating a process, people are putting themselves out of a job. The education of employees on why they need to be digital first is key to success and competitiveness in the future.


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