Keypoint Intelligence Reveals Winners of First BLI Pacesetter Awards in Remote Conference & Collaboration

Which two companies came out on top in this topical Market Insights study?



Carl Schell


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The ability to connect and communicate virtually before COVID hit was already workable, but things have been accelerated, amplified, and improved since remote work has become part of everyday life. Whether it’s with colleagues or customers, remote conference and collaboration now play an even more vital role in the business world and can have a direct impact on employee productivity and job satisfaction.


Because the bottom line is that people need the features, systems, and tools to effectively talk through challenges and projects, regardless of where they’re located. This is one of the reasons why we dedicated a Market Insights study on the topic, and we’re thrilled to announce the winners of our inaugural Buyers Lab (BLI) 2022-2023 Pacesetter Awards in Remote Conference & Collaboration.



What Went into Our Remote Conference & Collaboration Market Insights Study?

Market Insights begin life as a survey to investigate a specific topic that is relevant to business decision makers. We then invite leading vendors to complete the survey, after which Keypoint Intelligence analysts apply a proprietary rating scale to determine where each company sits compared to others.


“The Remote Conference & Collaboration study for North America and Western Europe dove headlong into a number of crucial and intriguing areas,” said Lee Davis, Senior Analyst of Software/Scanners in Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Group. “Fully understanding the company vision is paramount, while market vision, security, and sustainability are also big drivers. In a market rife with competitors, it’s important to know the differences between them to make the most educated decision on what will work best for your business.”


To ascertain what each participating company is doing to support conferencing and collaboration initiatives with technology, the study also focused on the breadth and depth of the vendor’s product portfolio in categories including computers, headsets, cameras, device management software, and workflow solutions.


Which Vendors Won the BLI Pacesetter Awards in Remote Conference & Collaboration?

After analyzing the research and the data, we crunched the numbers and wound up with two companies worthy of the highest distinction:


Company 1 (NA/WEU)

Company 2 (NA)

Company 2 (WEU)


Big round of congrats to both!


Click here to find out the other Pacesetter Award winners over the years. Log in to bliQ to view additional Pacesetter Awards collateral. Log in to the InfoCenter to view research and reports (the Market Insights for this will be available soon) on remote conference and collaboration. If you’re not a subscriber, just send us an email at for more info.