Keypoint Intelligence’s Distributed Capture Market Insights Is Live!

Get to know the players and the trends in the distributed capture space



Lee Davis


Be sure to check out the Keypoint Intelligence Distributed Capture Market Insight today!


Last month, Keypoint Intelligence released the 2021 Distributed Capture Market Insights through our Office CompleteView Advisory Service. With a focus on standalone business scanners as well as associated solutions that enable environments to implement distributed capture, the study also fields insights from independent software vendors (ISVs) in the distributed capture space and briefly discusses MFP-based scanning strengths/weaknesses for scan-intensive settings.



For this Market Insights, Keypoint Intelligence invited leading document capture vendors to complete an all-encompassing questionnaire detailing their industry vision, strategy, product portfolio, professional services offerings, and value proposition as it relates to distributed capture technology. Product spec data and test results were also evaluated. Other noteworthy areas of the study include ease of use, breadth of workflow functionality, and suitability of a scanner OEM’s portfolio to various types of business needs.


Five of the biggest distributed capture vendors participated, but which ones? And what are some of the key findings in this first edition of the study? Glad you asked…

  • Digital transformation, remote work, and migration to the cloud are driving demand for distributed capture
  • Scanning processes are shifting from “scan-to-archive" to “scan-to-process"
  • Businesses are moving their DMS/ECM solutions to the cloud


We can’t wait to do the next Distributed Capture Market Insights in 2023!


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