VIDEO: Interview with Rob Clark, Senior Vice President of Epson Europe

Thoughts on inkjet, diversity, and sustainability from an industry leader



Randy Dazo


Epson has doubled down on inkjet technology, and its strategy may be paying off. While the pandemic had a tremendous effect on the office equipment market, companies like Epson that had A4 devices that helped to solve the “work from home” panic in 2020 stepped in with their products and services and did very well. Of course, Epson is not new to the print business and has won several Buyers Lab (BLI) Pick Awards. The company’s focus on inkjet—from consumer to business, Ecotank to its larger A3 line head technologies, and wide format—has made Epson one of the only manufacturers with a full continuum of inkjet devices for a variety of different print and multifunction needs.


Rob Clark, Epson Europe’s Senior Vice President


During this Interview Insights with Rob Clark, Senior Vice President of Epson Europe, he and I discussed the pandemic and Epson’s solutions to answer the needs of business customers. We also spoke about Epson’s inkjet technology and how it is different from other ink technologies that differentiate themselves from a speed, quality, extensibility, and sustainability perspective (of note, Epson just recently promoted its sustainability initiatives and continues to drive that message with products and services). And lastly, we touched on Epson’s diversity in other technologies such as AV projectors and augmented reality that also demonstrates their solutions for B2B clients.


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