WATCH: In Conversation With Radek Tetik of MyQ

A glance into MyQ’s current and future print and document management solutions portfolio



Lee Davis


MyQ has been around since the early 1990s. Only then, they were called Janus spol. s ro and sold KYOCERA copiers. In the mid-aughts, the company started developing print management software to make print easy to use and manage. The software was such a success that, by the end of the decade, MyQ had spun off into its own business.


Over the years, the company has evolved into a sophisticated print and document management solution that can help customers cut costs, improve document security, and optimize efficiency. The latest version of its flagship print management solution, MyQ X, enables businesses to develop custom scan workflows, secure pull printing, credit/quota accounting, device monitoring, and rules-based printing. Today, MyQ is used to manage print and optimize document processes all over the globe.


Radek Tetik, Chief Technology Officer of MyQ


The post-COVID era will be defined by a new way of working: the hybrid workforce. Where work gets done is no longer relevant for a sizeable portion of the working populace. But for hybrid work environments to operate smoothly, users need to have access to all the solutions and tools they use to get the job done effectively and safely.


In our discussion with Tetík, we learned how MyQ’s portfolio of document and print management solutions enable just that. The company’s latest product, MyQ Roger (your “Digital Transformation Assistant”), is a rearchitected, cloud version of MyQ X. The company has also developed touch-free technology to facilitate a safe return to the office and plans on bringing new versions of MyQ X to market in the very near future.


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