LISTEN: Podcast With Dale Stein of the Technology Assurance Group

Directions in managed IT and the cloud



Fact: The pandemic has had a dramatic, everlasting effect on the cloud and the remote workforce. For IT vendors, MSPs, and, yes, those office equipment dealers that have an IT practice, there has been no downtime in developing as well as selling products and services to help customers thrive during the pandemic.


The situation with the Technology Assurance Group, an IT “brain bank” that has its own IT services business and runs an association, is no different—that is to say, the pace of work has been as fast and steady as a Michael Jordan scoring barrage. And Dale Stein, Co-Founder of TAG, was only too happy to share his technology expertise and his passion for IT with us.


“There are more cloud apps than ever before, and we have a new management style for the remote world, but what’s really important is constant improvement of the solutions and how we work with people,” Stein said. “You have everything from day-to-day IT issues to businesses looking to reduce their locational footprint—there has been no recession in our space, that’s for sure.”


During the “looking ahead” portion of our conversation, Stein touched on some of the things he believes will play a major role for the rest of this year and certainly well beyond that: AI (automation, anybody?), the further outgrowth of security (with the remote workforce, too), and how connectivity will soon step into the spotlight once again (SD-WAN, most notably).


Digital transformation? That’s nothing compared to digital acceleration. Take a listen to the podcast and find new opportunities today!


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