Canon Announces Maxify and i-SENSYS Series Product Launch

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Renée Clarke & Deborah Hawkins


The pandemic has shifted focus from larger work groups dependent on high-volume centralized devices onto more productive, smaller to mid-size ones. Canon is responding to that shift with devices that do the same. Today, Canon Europe is announcing the i-SENSYS MF832Cdw and MAXIFY GX6050/GX7050 print devices with sales beginning through the value-add channel April 1, 2021.


Maxify GX Series

The Maxify GX6050/GX7050 (GX) are Canon’s latest additions to its A4 Maxify inkjet line-up, which will serve a number of user groups. This includes SOHO settings of up to 10 users with a monthly volume of up to 5,000 prints. The GX devices will round up the existing Maxify range at the top end for small groups.


This is the first-time that the Maxify range includes a Megatank. While speeds are competitive at 24 ipm B&W and 15.5 ipm in color, the refillable ink tanks significantly extend output capacity with reduced user intervention. Refillable ink systems, sometimes referred to as Continuous Ink Systems (CIS), require a higher upfront cost. However, Canon claims they promote lower running costs in the long run. Refillable inks are also more environmentally friendly, requiring far less plastics than cartridge models and easier disposal.


The GX series shares the same consumables and offers an economy print mode that extends ink yield by 50% versus standard mode. The GX series also includes a change in the casing color from black to white for a more recognizable, business-friendly appearance that is 10% smaller than previous Maxify models.



Other innovations in the latest Maxify series include:

  • Capacity to print on various media, including envelopes, glossy, matte, iron-on transfer, magnetic media, and 1.2m banner printing
  • Scheduled power management functions, automatic power on and off, as well as no fuser (which promotes energy efficiency)
  • Front-facing ink tanks are long-lasting, easy to replace, and monitored through the ink level detector
  • The two GX models are differentiated from each other by higher paper handling, fax function, and auto-duplex scanning


i-SENSYS Series

The i-SENSYS MF832Cdw is Canon’s latest color laser MF A4 product, complementing the MF640 and MF740 to complete the range at the top end. The device places a strong focus on print and scan speed (38 ppm & up to 150 ipm, respectively) to boost workplace efficiency for groups of 10-12 people. It is Canon’s first color MF device in the 31-44 ppm range and has a maximum paper capacity of 2,300 sheets to save time loading new media. This device includes several promising features to the user experience:

  • 7" touchscreen with keyless display
  • One button language switch
  • Timeline memory feature that allows users to quickly repeat previous tasks with one touch



The MG832Cdw accommodates various media sizes (including A6, which can be particularly useful in medical work environments). The enhanced security features integrated into this device—including McAfee security software, system verification at start-up, dual-wired network connection, user authentication, force hold print, and password protected jobs—are an added bonus. Lastly, the device can be mounted onto a rolling pedestal so that the machine may be moved.


Our Take

The pandemic is changing print environments and typical user groups by the day. These announcements from Canon are a sure step to fulfilling document needs in smaller shared environments. Canon has the joy of inkjet and laser technologies, and their customers will benefit from the ability to choose between them. In addition, these devices are a secure offering for the value-added channel to work with and gain back some of the revenue lost to e-commerce or classical office print over the past year.


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