Streamlining Document Capture for Today’s Remote Workforce

Visioneer announces VAST Network to tackle digital transformation



Anne Valaitis


Digital transformation initiatives have never been more active as companies look to modernize processes and workflows to keep business moving. Working from anywhere, anytime is now a requirement, and this breeds tremendous pressure to deliver on this new working environment. The pandemic has created a massive, distributed, and extended business infrastructure of not just people but content, information, and devices. Working through hybrid working environments (in many cases a new experience) is here to stay, and business leaders and IT are quickly evolving, looking for solutions to meet these needs.

The most recent Keypoint Intelligence research, State of the Office Equipment Channel, validates the enormous shift for providers to offer scan, capture, and digital transformation solutions. Outside of printers and copiers being installed during the pandemic, single-function scanners were being deployed across all business types and sizes at a rapid pace. Businesses were (and are) quickly moving to a more digital environment, signaling that paper is often a process inhibitor.

On June 4, Visioneer, a provider of scan and capture solutions, announced a new technology: the Visioneer VAST Network, which allows for network document capture. Designed to serve the changing scan and capture landscape, Visioneer VAST Network will target the networked, cloud, and mobile digital workplace. Scanners are often connected directly to a PC via a USB connection, using the PC to power the scan application itself. Network supported devices allow for an untethered scan experience, which is then made available to multiple users in walk-up mode—or allowing anyone with a PC on the company network, cloud, or mobile device to access the software solution.



Documents can be scanned from Visioneer OneTouch and Capture SE applications, other TWAIN or WIA-compatible PC applications, and any TWAIN Direct custom local network, cloud, or mobile application. TWAIN Direct supports all major operating systems and provides open-source SDKs for developers and system integrators. Future Visioneer VAST Network architecture elements will include sharing for non-networked scanners, mobile applications, and partnerships with TWAIN Direct application developers. Visioneer states this technology is available today for the Xerox D70n Scanner and will be available on select Xerox and Visioneer scanners in the future.

Business transformation will be driven by digital innovation now and in the future. IT decision makers and key stakeholders are investing in solutions that can seamlessly connect to the network and provide access to multiple users while aligning with their digital transformation initiatives. 2021 continues to be a year of transition and growth as businesses bank on technology to propel them forward, out of the COVID era.


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