Think the Print Industry Is Too Niche for You?

Think again, because I’m about to rock your world!



Lindsey Naples


I used to be normal, let me just start off with that. I’d go about my day, run my errands, and edit written pieces without the print industry popping into my head. Then I became an editor at Keypoint Intelligence and all happy-go-luckiness went out the window. Now, I see things as they are: more than likely tied to print in one way or another.


Chances are, you’ve always been around print in some form—especially in the years you were in school. We’d print out papers, project instructions, syllabi, etc. After the pandemic hit, you’re probably surrounded by it a bit more. A recent Keypoint Intelligence Future of Office Study has shown a significant increase in the amount of home-based printing since the pandemic began, mostly due to remote learning/working



But do you notice print beyond the printer you have at home or in the office? Because I do. Constantly. It’s everywhere and it’s arguably one of the most important industries in our lives, as consumers. Where are you reading this right now? Look around. Is there a coffee mug somewhere with a design on it? How about a magazine, book, or planner? Did you get anything physically in the mail today? All part of the print industry.


That all probably seems obvious, but with the holidays fast approaching (despite already seeming like they’ve been here in the supermarket), the amount of print you’re surrounding yourself with is astronomical and goes well beyond simple mail. Boxes that toys or clothes get shipped in; instruction manuals; wrapping paper, greeting cards, or those holiday photos you struggled to get everyone to sit still for. What about the catalog your child likely circled the entirety of for gift ideas?


You see where I’m going with this: All made possible by the print industry.


Again, I used to be able to go about life without noticing this, but now I have to. Not only because it’s tied to my job, but also because it’s a huge part of consumer life. I hadn’t thought about print beyond my school papers or printing an e-receipt until I realized my entire lifeeven before a job in the industryinvolved print. As does everyone else’s. It’s an important industry that doesn’t usually get recognition unless, like me, you’re in the field.


So, enjoy your holidays, watch your loved ones tear open the gifts you packaged, sip hot cocoa out of that beautifully designed mug—all the while with my voice in the back of your mind whispering, “That came from the printing industry.


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