HP Introduces HP+ and Announces Instant Ink Will Now Include Toner

Company looks to meet the high demand of printing from home during pandemic



John Shane, Kaitlin Shaw


HP recently announced its new HP+ offering, which has expanded its Instant Ink subscription service to include toner. HP+ is a solution that combines hardware, Instant Ink (and now toner), and the HP Smart App. Three series of devices are included in the HP+ portfolio: the OfficeJet Pro 8000 and 9000 series as well as the new LaserJet M200 series.


At a time when millions are working and learning from home, HP emphasized that the demand for home printing is high. The company aims to meet that demand by delivering easy, convenient, and eco-friendly printing to home offices through the HP+ program. So far, HP+ is only available for these series, in the US, and through Staples. As such, Keypoint Intelligence expects penetration of the program to be initially limited. However, HP plans to make HP+ available globally in 2021.


Instant Toner is being introduced for the first time with HP+ (currently only available for the new LaserJet M200 series). Like Instant Ink, which has been on the market for many years, Instant Toner offers tiered plans based on monthly print volume. Subscription plans start at $1.99 a month and include six months of free supplies and one extra year of warranty.


Source: HP



HP’s Smart technology is built into the firmware and supplies of HP+ devices. Unlike other HP offerings, users who choose an HP+ device are committing to use only HP original supplies. This guarantees that the Smart supplies are capable of the communication with the device that is needed to provide the benefits listed in the image below.


Source: HP



The company also noted that this guarantee that HP+ devices will only use original HP supplies is what allowed them to extend the warrantee to two years.