LISTEN: Podcast with ACTS360’s Greg Sweers

Throughout Coronavirus Pandemic, MSP Leader Emphasizes Process, Teamwork



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What has it really been like for MSPs over the past few months? Good question.


“These days are just bleeding together … I tried to remember what happened during Swine Flu … what we had done during that was virtually nothing compared to what we’re currently doing … Things escalated very, very quickly … March 20, the first stay at home order was issued for us, and that was really the first test of how we built ACTS360 to function as a cloud company … it was going to be tested at a level that we had never pushed that hard before.”


That’s from Greg Sweers. He’s the CEO and Steward of ACTS360, an MSP on the Gulf Coast in Plant City, Florida. Basically an IT lifer, not to mention a straight shooter (his family nicknamed him “Stone Cold”), he rose through the ranks at a medium-size and a large MSP before founding ACTS360 in 2002. The company has a dozen employees, with some dedicated outsourced talent for additional support—he hasn’t furloughed or laid off a single person since COVID-19 hit the United States.


Along with the history of his firm, Sweers touched on being a technical owner and having to learn about business. He discussed the cloud capabilities of ACTS360 and the future of the cloud, too. But the meat and potatoes focused on what he has dubbed “The Great Work at Home Experiment"…


“Over those next two weeks, we had virtually every client that needed to be able to work remotely working from home, seamlessly … We prioritized taking care of a number of essential service companies first and then non-essential … We had 30 percent more helpdesk tickets—100 percent more project tickets … Had to enable two-factor, we made that mandatory for security.”


There are countless MSP stories from the age of coronavirus, but this is ACTS360’s. Give it a listen!



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