LISTEN: Podcast with Marco’s Doug Albregts

New President Speaks about His Career, the Company, and the Dealer Channel



Can you believe that October 30 was the four-year anniversary of Norwest Equity Partners acquiring Marco?! About a month before that transaction closed, we published this profile on Marco. Since then, it goes without saying that the company has evolved—the same is true of the industry landscape. Big time.


In 2015, Marco was already one of the biggest office technology dealers in not only the US but also the world. Today, thanks to a well-executed acquisition strategy as well as continued organic growth in areas such as the office, production, and managed IT services, the company’s annual revenue is north of $400 million. And, on October 3, the engaging and super friendly Doug Albregts was appointed President of the juggernaut that is Marco.


Doug Albregts, President of Marco


So, what did he have to say? Here’s just one of his many gold nuggets…


“If you think about page counts declining year over year over year, that means machines at some point are going to decline. And they are. And I think in the next 18 months to two years, you’re going to see a lot of OEM consolidation. Whether that means one of them goes away, I don’t necessarily know if that will happen, but whether they start combining and buying each other or molding into one another. Whatever relationships happen, there’s going to be a significant amount of change. I think the relationship that the dealer side of the fence or that side of the house has with the end user, and the services and all the things that go along with that, I just think there’s a definite long-term viability, especially with the diversity of products and services you can offer.”


And there’s more. Lots more. Have a listen!