ISIS Papyrus Open House and User Conference Recap

Company Celebrates 30th Anniversary with New Products and Innovations




Everybody loves to celebrate a landmark birthday, and ISIS Papyrus is no different. Throughout this year, the company has held Open House and User Conference days at its various offices around the world to give people a chance to chat with ISIS Papyrus representatives and discover what’s new and exciting about the company’s software. Lucky for me, a fun-loving software solutions analyst, I had the opportunity to attend one of these events at ISIS Papyrus’s UK office in Kingsclere.


The day was split into a number of seminars and demonstrations, with chances to network during the breaks. First off was the keynote speech—“Under the Covers of Digital Transformation”—from ISIS Papyrus CTO Max J. Pucher. His persona is an odd dichotomy: Somehow, he’s simultaneously relaxed and intense, which set a great tone for the day.


In speaking about digital transformation, Max explained how it can be used to capture and create content and how those capabilities can be embedded in a software environment that supports “goal-oriented processes between a business, its partners, and customers.” He furthered those points by saying that machine learning was now being used to support such initiatives, and that ISIS Papyrus had used machine learning since the year 2000. His experience told him that transductive training is the best approach, where machine learning is based on why someone does something rather than learning via probability-based approaches.


Max doesn’t like flowchart-based business processes because he believes they don’t adequately relate to real-life business processes, and he says the future of processes is a complete free-flow and goal-oriented business process. In short, he outlined four digitalization challenges: homogeneity, competition, collaboration, and evolution. For things to work effectively, digitalization must be an enabler of natural interactions. He believes digitalization will promote an open information society that transcends political and cultural borders, but could also be used to create an Orwellian society, which is something we must guard against.


ISIS Papyrus’s CEO, Anne-Marie Pucher, oversaw the second seminar, which was focused on omni-channel business engagement. Given the myriad ways people now interact with businesses, being able to meet the different communication method demands from a disparate group of people and keep a record of their discourse is a big challenge. Anne-Marie asserts that a digital platform is now the pre-requisite approach because a traditional method would be too cumbersome. Anne-Marie spoke of how ISIS Papyrus allows for real-time messaging and integration with existing applications, enables digital business in real time thanks to e-signatures, and allows the capture of information from chat, social media, and mobile interfaces.


Other interesting topics included a discussion and demo on how Papyrus Designer lets businesses maintain branding and a unified design when creating new documents. Elements can be reused, which means businesses can create a palette of reusable components, while the Microsoft Office conversion tool allows Office documents to be imported into the document designer.


We also got a demo of Papyrus Converse, an application that lets businesses create business applications that are based around a set of business rules without having to write code. Converse uses a neat graphical user interface that lets users define business rules in natural language. Users enter nouns and verbs, such as “customer”, “order”, and “places”, into the Converse Rulebook, and these help define and maintain the business rules. Converse is designed to enable the creation of corporate case management, adaptive case management, and intelligent capture workflows, and even uses artificial intelligence to make its user interface more intuitive and provide users with the Next Best Action.


The ISIS Papyrus platform is vast in scope and ability, and this event was a great way to discover how the company’s latest features and innovations can benefit modern business. We learned much more than what we can cover here, so if you’d like to know about the platform or its core technologies, get in contact with your local ISIS Papyrus office.