Custom Testing Q&A with Keypoint Intelligence’s David Sweetnam

Find out More about Our Custom Testing Services from Our Director of EMEA/Asia Research & Lab Services



Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab’s services expand far beyond the limits of standard lab test reports. For years, we have been providing companies with custom testing opportunities. To shed some light on these services, we spoke to one of our resident custom testing experts, David Sweetnam, Keypoint Intelligence’s Director of Research and Lab Services, EMEA/Asia.


Tim DeMuth: What are the biggest advantages of custom testing compared to a standard lab or field test?


David Sweetnam: Custom testing, as the name suggests can be customised to fit the needs of the contracting party. We work with the client to develop a personalized scope of work that fits their specific needs, be it alpha/beta prelaunch testing, competitive analysis, extended performance certification or environmental sustainability. The client can have regular updates throughout the test, have issues flagged up for immediate action, and they are encouraged to come and visit the lab during testing to see how the test is progressing.


TD: What are the most commonly run types of custom tests?


DS: The most popular tests we run are Pre-Launch; extended reliability; competitive head to heads; ISO certification to meet tender requirements; supplies testing comparing the performance of third-party alternatives to the OEM original toners, inks, drums, and so on; cost of ownership studies; ease of use analysis; and environmental impact—such as waste and energy.


TD:  What steps are taken to make sure custom tests remain confidential?


DS: Confidentiality of every custom test is of paramount importance to us. Every machine is kept hidden, we have dedicated areas within both labs that can be closed off to hide devices from other visitors. We also put super-sensitive pre-launch devices onto a separate subnet to prevent them from being ‘discoverable’ by visitors who are granted access to the network for software installs.


TD: What are the benefits to sales teams?


DS: The biggest benefit is the Buyers Lab independent brand name. Vendors professing performance advantage based on their own internal testing will often be greeted by raised eyebrows and ‘of course you are going to say that.’ By using Buyers Lab as the testing authority the reader knows that the test has been conducted by a trusted independent third party. Testing a product before it’s launched also enables companies to include the results of our tests within launch activities, such as press releases and videos and include the BLI performance seals on brochures, web pages and other product messaging. It also gives the sales team confidence in the product seeing that the product “passed the test” from a 3rd party perspective.


TD: Why choose Keypoint Intelligence?


DS: Our key strength is our very powerful, recognizable global brand and wide range of imaging experience. Having ISO17025-certified labs—with digital imaging expertise ranging from desktop printers to wide format signage devices, as well as production juggernauts—in both the United States and Europe, makes us a unique one-stop shop for all testing needs.

We ensure all clients receive the highest quality product—with a diverse range of deliverable options—and benefit from our many years of experience in this industry, ensuring them the maximum return on investment.


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