Defining the Power of Buyers Lab’s Custom Testing Services

Q&A with Keypoint Intelligence’s Pete Emory, an ENX Difference Maker



Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab’s services extend far beyond the limits of our standard Lab Test Reports. For years, we’ve been offering custom testing opportunities to many types of companies. As a follow-up to our interview with one of our resident custom testing experts, we spoke with Pete Emory, Keypoint Intelligence’s Director of U.S./Asia Research & Lab Services, to help further shed light on the topic.


Tim DeMuth: What are the biggest advantages of custom testing compared to a standard lab or field test?


Pete Emory: For one, with our custom testing, the vendor has control of the results. Meaning that if we report any negative findings, they can address the issue and then we’ll retest the device to determine if the issue has been resolved. If you participate in prelaunch testing, this means we can help you identify any bugs or issues before the product goes to market.


TD: What are some other reasons companies choose to participate in prelaunch testing, rather than after a device is available?


PE: There are a lot of reasons. As I mentioned earlier, we can help them deliver the best possible product to market by identifying issues before launch. Additionally, it can seriously add power to a marketing campaign. It allows the product team to pinpoint the device’s major competitive advantages (and weaknesses). And, this type of testing allows the marketing team to get the Buyers Lab seal of recommendation, as well as key strengths outlined by our analysts in time to use in all of their marketing materials and campaigns.


Getting in the rhythm of using our prelaunch testing services can help teams avoid headaches while planning for their next product. Now that your product has come to market, it’s time to start planning for the next product. Using all of our findings, in conjunction with customer feedback, you’ll be ahead of schedule.


TD: So aside from the standard test suite, what else can be tested?


PE: Anything goes. You can request the full test suite or a specific area. If a vendor wants to compare a machine to another, we can do that too.


It also depends on the challenge. We can design a test to help the vendor shine or provide R&D for engineering. No limitations—we can test software, hardware, power or energy, supplies or waste generated, and everything in between. We’ve even been testing 3D printers.


TD: Does Keypoint Intelligence explain the findings to the vendor?


PE: We host weekly updates, as well as provide on the fly notifications as issues arise. At the end of the test, some vendors want the report to be reviewed in person. I’ve flown to Beijing to go over a test, or sometimes they are reviewed over Skype.  We provide whatever the vendor wants—at the end of the day, it’s their test.


TD: Why choose Keypoint Intelligence?


PE: We are the industry leader and most recognizable brand for third-party testing. We also find that companies’ internal quality assurance don’t always find all the bugs or weaknesses because their methodology is different than ours, so we can truly provide a different QA experience. And ultimately, our knowledge of a wide array of devices and customer service are what I believe set us apart from our competition.


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