According to recent InfoTrends U.S. Enterprise Office Primary Research study, 40% of IT decision-makers indicated the #1 hurdle for digital conversion is cost.


Recent survey results from InfoTrends U.S. Enterprise primary research study of IT decision makers found that Enterprise customers see the cost associated with converting to digital processes as the greatest hurdle to conversion and this was most prevalent in the manufacturing (47%) and prof. services sectors (44%). Furthermore, they are also worried about the IT resources and the preference for paper—whether these are perceived or actual.

As far as initiatives or policies to reduce paper are concerned, the enterprise customers surveyed have mostly shifted to simple digital processes, such as sharing document more via e-mail (62%) or default printing on both sides of a document (53%). While more complex digital processes, such as document collaboration via cloud or Dropbox, are beginning to take on a more dominate role within these larger workgroups (51%).

What are the major hurdles to converting paper processes to digital?

Digital Conversion Hurdles by Vertical in Enterprise


In addition, when asked about business priorities in the US market over the next three years, enterprise IT decision makers were focused on improving document security, shifting to paper processes, and “going green” or making environmental improvements in their workplace.

While the enterprise market may be slightly ahead of SMBs in terms of MPS and contractual programs, opportunity exists amongst many top verticals for further support specifically within digital conversion and security concerns.

This is a just a sampling of the survey findings within the Enterprise study.  A more detailed analysis of our key findings can be found at: