For shooting video mobile phones are the go to camera

For shooting video mobile phones are the go to camera


videodevicesGone are the days where people had only one choice to shoot videos – the camcorder. Today there is no shortage of video options available to people. Many people have a video camera right in their pocket – thanks to our always on-hand mobile phones (even dumb phones can shoot an OK video in a pinch). Will these non-traditional video capable devices keep putting the squeeze on traditional camcorders? According to recent survey results, it would appear to be so.

The Survey Says….

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Source: InfoTrends 2016 Video End User Study

We asked people that shoot video (with any device), which camera do you use most often to shoot videos? The most popular devices for taking video are mobile phones (66%), digital camera (19%), and camcorders (10%). Tablets and analog camcorders were seldom used.

There was a clear difference in video shooting preference when looking at this question by age. Respondents aged 18-24 relied most heavily on mobile phones, nearly 81% say they use the phone most often. Digital cameras were fairly popular devices amongst all age groups, but the 55+ group were most likely to say they use it most often.

What does it mean?

What it might mean is that dedicated video cameras, even those cool 360 degree and action/wearables, are being pushed aside for the all-around camera that is in most everyone’s pocket. Will mobile phones replace camcorders? For everyday spontaneous video clips, they already have. Camcorders are still the best option for longer, planned, or special event videos. But for most consumers, capturing a video clip with their phone is just fine. Camcorder vendors should be looking to the hobbyists and video professionals where a camcorder may still be the better choice for their video projects. Keypoint Intelligence believes camcorders, mobile phones, and digital cameras can co-exist based on everyday versus special occasion use case scenarios.

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