Worldox to Debut Enhanced Encryption Feature to Ensure Document Security

Company CIO Provides WEAR Highlights



Rob Watts

Security ranks as a top concern for all businesses in this day and age, and this is especially true in the legal market. In environments where even the smallest firms deal with sensitive documents each day, even one file being compromised can spell disaster for the company. Considering the growing “digitalization” of business processes, this threat is especially troubling.

Luckily for the customers of Worldox Software’s popular Worldox document management system, the company has a unique approach to security on the way. Worldox Encryption At Rest (WEAR) offers comprehensive encryption without the resources typically needed to provide such protection to each and every file. The product works with the customer’s system of data classification and user-retention policies to quickly and easily encrypt files with no additional hardware needed. Worldox CIO Rebecca Sattin tells us more about this upcoming tool.

Rob Watts: Perhaps you could tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind WEAR's development?

Rebecca Sattin: With all the security breaches in the news, we became concerned about our customers. While our customer base includes firms that have over 900 users, we have many in that 25- to 50-user range. These firms may not be able to afford the hardware and software required to encrypt files at rest, nor would they have the in-house expertise to implement and maintain it. Enabling Worldox to handle the encryption at rest for them will allow them to address compliance issues without exorbitant expenses and cumbersome procedures.

RW: What are the unique needs of the legal and financial services markets when it comes to security?

RS: Both markets have regulatory concerns and can be in a position to store the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of their clients. The legal market, in fact, inherits the regulatory concerns of its clients. For law firms that represent health care clients or banks, they are subject to lengthy RFPs from prospective clients and new directives from existing clients to increase their security standards. Additionally, law firms may work with the intellectual property or M&A information for their clients and all of this information must remain confidential. Law firms—especially litigation firms—often store their clients’ data and it is their ethical responsibility to protect it from disclosure.

RW: What makes WEAR stand out from other Encryption systems?

RS: End users will continue to access documents the same way they did before. However, if data is removed from the file system outside of the Worldox interface, it will be unreadable. We are combining our advanced technology with our user-friendly and familiar interface to provide encryption at rest in such a way that it does not compromise the user’s convenience.

WEAR is set for a fall 2016 release. Click here for more info on Worldox, and be sure to check out our coverage of Worldox on bliQ.