Square 9 Web Forms: Solving Pain Points and Bringing Value

Oftentimes, the Most Useful Features Are the Most Overlooked


It’s no secret that a Document Management System (DMS) can play a crucial role in eliminating paper-based processes and making document-centric tasks more efficient. Among the most useful features of a DMS solution, however, may be one of the most overlooked. Many of the leading products offer Web Forms processing functionality in some fashion. A recent blog post by Square 9 Softworks, developers of the popular SmartSearch family of DMS products, highlighted some of these benefits for customers:

First off is the HR task of Employee Onboarding. In HR environments, the amount of paperwork can be staggering. This is but one arena where web forms processing can be a game changer: “When information is being entered into an online application, document management software automatically captures and repopulates that data onto other required form fields,” the author explains. “The process of having to reenter the same information is eliminated and entry errors are prevented. This not only facilitates the process of filling out the forms, but it also streamlines future form entries.” An example offered by the company would be the employee people hired and their saved data being users to auto-populate benefits enrollment forms and other employment-related paperwork.

HR staff could also benefit from simplifying PTO Requests. Individual data can be automatically collected and stored, and the process of employees requesting time-off could easily be automated. “Automatic notifications can also be sent via email, alerting managers when a team member will be out, providing everyone with greater visibility,” notes the author.

Another scenario where web forms would be useful is during Patient Registration. Healthcare customers deal with tons of forms that take up a great deal of time to fill out and manage. With web forms, the process can be streamlined by having patients fill out their medical information from home. On the other end are office employees who can take note of what fields are missing and need to be filled out, ultimately allowing patients to come into the facility and immediately receive care.

These are just a few of the benefits that web forms processing can bring to customers. Please visit Square 9’s website for more information. Additionally, bliQ has detailed coverage of the leading Document Management Systems.