KYOCERA Strengthens MFP App Portfolio


Company Announces AccuSender powered by Biscom and DocuWare Connector

In a recent webinar for analysts, KYOCERA executives detailed the company’s newest offerings in the document imaging solutions arena. AccuSender powered by Biscom is an MFP-embedded application that allows users to capture and distribute files as large as 100GB, while the DocuWare Connector is an MFP-embedded connector bridging HyPAS-enabled or capable MFPs to DocuWare enterprise content management systems. The products further strengthen the company’s already-robust MFP-embedded app portfolio.

AccuSender powered by Biscom

Many organizations rely on file sharing in their everyday operations to accomplish mission-critical tasks. In some cases, this ability is impeded by a server’s restrictiond for the size of a file that can be sent. Moreover, security regulations require certain organizations to secure communications containing sensitive or private data. In particular, these are huge problems for the Legal, Healthcare, and Government verticals, as they frequently send large files and are subject to tight security standards and regulations. To address this issue, KYOCERA partnered with Biscom – a leader in secure fax, file transfer, and enterprise synchronization and sharing – to deliver a solution that allows organizations to overcome size restrictions for securely sending and receiving large faxes and emails.

Installed on HyPAS-enabled MFPs, AccuSender allows users to scan and send files regardless of their size via Biscom’s Secure File Transfer (SFT) private cloud or on-premise solution. Files in transit are protected by SSL encryption, while documents at rest are protected by FIPS-certified 256-bit encryption. The security features satisfy HIPPA and SOX compliance, as well as local court requirements through the inclusion of Bates Stamping and PDF-A. In addition, files can be shared via email (for unsecure communications, the solution splits the file into smaller sections to circumvent size restrictions of the email server) or fax via the organizations fax server. 

The solution also offers convenience and productivity features to keep workers moving. When faxing documents, users can select multiple recipients and select a cover page. Users can generate barcode routing sheets at the panel as well, which can be used for subsequent jobs. Together, these features reduce button presses and time spent at the MFPs control panel.

DocuWare Connector
KYOCERA’s DocuWare Connector leverages an organization’s existing investments in DocuWare’s Enterprise Content Management system and KYOCERA HyPAS devices to optimize worker productivity. KYOCERA’s offering is the first connector capable of supporting DocuWare Cloud platform – which according to the Company, represents between fifteen and twenty percent of all US DocuWare installations – positioning KYOCERA dealers in an advantageous untapped market.     

The MFP-embedded connector offers bi-directional connectivity with DocuWare platforms, allowing users to execute typical functions afforded by competing connectors, including the ability to capture, index, and route hardcopy documents into DocuWare directly from a HyPAS-enabled or capable device’s control panel. However, unlike most connectors, the solution offers Single Sign-On and card authentication, intelligent file size recognition, priority display of DocuWare Store Dialogs, and index field descriptions to name a few. 

To improve ease of use, DocuWare Connector carries the aesthetics of DocuWare to the device’s interface, even using the same icons. KYOCERA claims that the familiar look and feel will also translate into a short learning curve. Making use even easier is support for a USB keyboard, eliminating the laborious and often frustrating task of entering indexing data via the devices touchscreen keypad.   

The connector’s advanced features will be a welcome addition to an organizations existing deployment. For starters, the connector secures interactions with DocuWare at the MFP by requiring users to authenticate via proximity card. And with support for Single Sign-On, users will not have to re-authenticate at the device when executing several actions. The intelligent file size recognition feature reduces bottlenecks by processing large jobs (30MB or larger) in the background. To keep workers moving, the connector displays frequently used store dialogs based on the authenticated user to reduce search time. To reduce misfiled documents, the solution employs index field descriptions feature which adds detail on the type of information required for document processing. KYOCERA notes that no other connector is capable of displaying index field descriptions at the device’s control panel.    

Both solutions are licensed by device, carrying MSRPs of $286 per license for AccuSender and $1,695 per license for DocuWare Connector. Both solutions are supported by the current generation of HyPAS-enabled and capable MFPs. 

As with all KYOCERA app offerings, the company offers dedicated business application consultants for pre-sales support, dedicated solutions sales instructor-led training, online training, and how-to videos hosted on YouTube. In addition, KYOCERA states that they are working closely with Biscom and DocuWare to provide additional strategic support for dealers.