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Konica Minolta, Epson Claim BLI Winter 2021 A3 Pick and Outstanding Achievement Awards From Keypoint Intelligence

Winter 2021


Fairfield, NJ – Keypoint Intelligence, the world’s leading independent provider of testing services and analytical information to the document imaging industry, today announced its BLI Winter 2021 Pick and Outstanding Achievement Award recipients in the A3 category. Awarded twice annually for office equipment, Picks acknowledge the products that gave the best performances in Keypoint Intelligence lab testing in the previous six months.


The BLI Winter 2021 A3 Pick and Outstanding Achievement Awards go to the following exceptional devices*:



Konica Minolta bizhub C250i

Outstanding 25-ppm A3 Color MFP

(also sold as Muratec MFX-C2595i)


Konica Minolta bizhub C300i

Outstanding 30-ppm A3 Color MFP

(also sold as Muratec MFX-C3095i)


Konica Minolta bizhub C450i

Outstanding 45-ppm A3 Color MFP

(also sold as Muratec MFX-C4595i)


Konica Minolta bizhub C550i

Outstanding 55-ppm A3 Color MFP

(also sold as Muratec MFX-C5595i)


Konica Minolta bizhub C650i

Outstanding 65-ppm A3 Color MFP

(also sold as Muratec MFX-C6595i)


Konica Minolta bizhub 300i

Outstanding 30-ppm A3 MFP

(also sold as Muratec MFX-3095i)


Konica Minolta bizhub 360i

Outstanding 36-ppm A3 MFP

(also sold as Muratec MFX-3695i)


Konica Minolta bizhub 450i

Outstanding 45-ppm A3 MFP

(also sold as Muratec MFX-4595i)


Konica Minolta bizhub 550i

Outstanding 55-ppm A3 MFP

(also sold as Muratec MFX-5595i)


Konica Minolta bizhub 750i

Outstanding 75-ppm A3 MFP

(also sold as Muratec MFX-7595i)



Epson WorkForce Enterprise Series

Outstanding Achievement in Innovation for Departmental Finishing Capabilities


*Not all products are sold in all regions.



Konica Minolta Sets New Standard Across Workgroup Categories

“Konica Minolta has developed a top-flight portfolio that is a top-rate option for businesses small to large,” said George Mikolay, Keypoint Intelligence’s Associate Director of A3 Hardware/Production. “All 10 of these devices proved highly reliable and are easy to use from a walk-up, workstation, and service perspective. The consistent design also ensures users will be able to seamlessly jump from one speed band to the next based on workload and availability, with little if any drop-off in efficiency and effectiveness.”


Innovative Finisher Technology Earns Epson Accolades in Inkjet Space

“The Epson WorkForce Enterprise series is a ground-breaking development in the inkjet space,” said Mikolay. “For the first time, business users are able to switch from toner-based technology for departmental office printing to inkjet without having to sacrifice some of the finishing capabilities they’re used to having available to them. Plus, Keypoint Intelligence’s extensive testing all but assures top-notch reliability and minimal impact on productivity when utilizing the finisher.”


Stay tuned for more awards from Keypoint Intelligence!

Wednesday, January 13: BLI 2021 A3, A4, and Scanner Line of the Year Awards as well as BLI 2021-2023 Most Color Consistent Brand Awards for A3 and A4


About Keypoint Intelligence

For 60 years, clients in the digital imaging industry have relied on Keypoint Intelligence for independent hands-on testing, lab data, and extensive market research to drive their product and sales success. Keypoint Intelligence has been recognized as the industry’s most trusted resource for unbiased information, analysis, and awards due to decades of analyst experience. Customers have harnessed this mission-critical knowledge for strategic decision-making, daily sales enablement, and operational excellence to improve business goals and increase bottom lines. With a central focus on clients, Keypoint Intelligence continues to evolve as the industry changes by expanding offerings and updating methods, while intimately understanding and serving manufacturers’, channels’, and their customers’ transformation in the digital printing and imaging sector.


About BLI Office Hardware Pick Awards

Buyers Lab Picks stand alone in the industry and are hard-earned awards as they are based on rigorous testing, including an extensive durability assessment and evaluation of key attributes such as usability, image quality, and value. Each product that passes its lab test earns the Highly Recommended or Recommended Seal and a Certificate of Reliability, with the best performers qualifying as Pick contenders.


About BLI Outstanding Achievement Awards

Buyers Lab Outstanding Achievements acknowledge products or technologies that stand out for attributes such as innovation, usefulness, or value.


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