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BLI Recognizes Konica Minolta and PrintFleet with Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Awards

Winter 2016

Fairfield (NJ) – Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware and software, today announced its Winter 2016 Outstanding Achievement in Innovation award recipients in the document imaging solutions category. With these awards, BLI’s experienced analysts and lab technicians recognize products that stand out for a breakthrough in technology, a unique feature or other noteworthy innovation that moves that class of product forward. Among the dozens of qualified products, solutions from Konica Minolta and PrintFleet are award recipients.

PrintFleet’s Embedded Data Collection Agent Streamlines MPS Data Capture
Timely, accurate collection of status and meter data is the backbone of any MPS (managed print services) engagement. This typically requires the installation of a data collection agent (DCA) at the customer site on a server or networked PC, which adds a layer of inconvenience and a possible point of failure for the dealer. PrintFleet, working in collaboration with Samsung, has solved that problem with its Embedded DCA. This MFP-resident agent runs on Samsung XOA devices and silently collects status and usage data from all compatible output devices on the network, and communicates that data back to the dealer’s PrintFleet system. The agent works just like PrintFleet’s Windows-based DCA and collects information from just about any output device on the network.

“Every now and then an idea comes along that combines simplicity with sheer brilliance. That’s the way we feel about PrintFleet’s MFP-resident data collection agent,” said Jamie Bsales, Director, Office Workflow Solutions Analysis at BLI. “Having the DCA embedded on an MFP, rather than requiring it to run on a PC or server, is more convenient for both MPS dealers and their customers, making this innovation from PrintFleet a true win-win for all involved.”

“Technology is always changing and we strive to stay at the forefront of these changes, especially as it relates to leading the way in terms of data collection. We are very honored to receive this Outstanding Achievement in Innovation award for our Embedded DCA,” said Chris McFarlane, President & CEO, PrintFleet. “We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Samsung team on the project.”

Konica Minolta bizhub Marketplace Chameleon Enables Ever-Changing MFP Apps
Konica Minolta’s bizhub MarketPlace Chameleon, available as part of the bizhub MarketPlace MFP app store, is a unique online development environment that can help streamline MFP-based document processes. Chameleon features on the bizhub Marketplace deliver easy-to-use MFP control-panel customization tools along with tools to create custom workflow apps that reside on the MFP. The drag-and-drop design toolset enables users to build and share personalized UIs aimed at reducing the time users spend at an MFP’s control panel. 
“With bizhub MarketPlace Chameleon, organizations can leverage the UI customization tools to create an efficient and productive shared printing environment,” said Jamie Bsales, Director, Office Workflow Solutions Analysis at BLI. “This empowers resellers, administrators and even end users to create custom menus for commonly used operations and allows an employee to go right to the task they need to accomplish, which should drastically reduce the time that knowledge workers spend at the MFP.”

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About BLI Outstanding Achievement Awards
Twice a year with its Pick awards, BLI gives special recognition to the hardware and software products that provided the most outstanding performances in BLI’s unique evaluations. Its Outstanding Achievement awards acknowledge products or capabilities that stand out for attributes such as innovation, usefulness, energy efficiency or value.

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Twice a year with its Pick awards, BLI gives special recognition to the hardware and software products that provided the most outstanding performances in BLI’s unique evaluations. Software solutions undergo an in-depth hands-on review that focuses on key attributes for a solution’s target market and compares how well the product stacks up against leading competitors. Pick winners rise above the competition in key areas such as value, feature set, ease of use, ease of administration, hardware compatibility, software integration, security and support. Software solutions earn an overall rating based on a five-star scale, and Pick contenders are culled from those that earn the highest ratings. Consequently, a BLI Pick is a hard-earned award that buyers and IT directors can trust to better guide them in their acquisition decisions.